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Sep 13, 2021 at 2:36pm
Things Are Catching Up To Me

         It took a long time, but things are finally catching up to me.
         With the COVID pandemic turning our world upside down over a year ago, that’s when it started. I just didn’t realize these things were happening until this year.
         It started when my company started having all of us work from home 100% of the time in March, 2020. I loved that. The company installed software to allow us to hold meetings remotely, whether small or large. Our quarterly meeting for the areas working under my director had 650 of us signed into the meeting at once.
         The kicker, for me, began after a phased-in approach had been slowly bringing people back to Headquarters since January of this year, and it became time for my director’s areas to return to headquarters in a hybrid format. Working from home half the time, in the office half of the time. That was in April of this year.
         It only took a few days to realize that working from home for that year and a half had taken a toll on me. Not getting the same amount of daily exercise over that time that I’d gotten before working remotely had taken a toll.
         I can’t walk as long or as far as I previously could without getting a bit unsteady on my feet, and using a cane the last few months means I can’t carry things that take two hands. I can walk without the cane, but I’m faster, and noticeably more graceful with it than without it. For those, and a couple other reasons, I retired in early August.
         I now have inflammatory tendonitis in my hands, mainly the right hand. That figures since I’m right handed. Some luck. It started in my right hand, and before I retired. When it flares up, I can wear a compression glove on either, or both hands, for as long as I need to to remain active, at least until the pain ends or it gets to be more than the glove can handle. So far, it’s only exceeded the glove’s helpful pressure one time. Hope it stays that way, or doesn’t exceed it again. That would be even better. When it exceeds the glove’s ability to help with its pressure, I have to put the hand in ice, and that’s not easy to maintain beyond a few minutes.
         And, again because of the reduced exercise, some of the muscles around my left shoulder have lost some of their tone, allowing my shoulder to get slightly out of position, and pop a number of times when I try to reach higher than my head; to get something off the top of the refrigerator, for example. I only remember one exercise from the one time this happened a few years ago, so I guess it’s time for more physical therapy sessions. We’ll see what develops from here.

Things Are Catching Up To Me · 09-13-21 2:36pm
by Incurable Romantic

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