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Nov 10, 2021 at 5:29pm
prompt one COVID Madness
by JCosmos
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Covid Madness
I am still amazed
By all the people
In the U.S.
Who refuse still,

To do the right thing
Getting a free COVID test
That will save someone’s life.

Their reasons for their refusal
Comes down to this
A mistaken belief
That they have the right
To refuse to get a vaccination.

They have a right
To put others at risk
In order to preserve
Their “freedom” to choose.

They believe
Falsely in all sorts
Of wild conspiracies.

That the vaccine
Will lead to sterility
Or will turn you
Into a chimp.

Or implant a microchip
So the government or Bill Gates
Can track your movements.

Nothing one can say
Will convince them
For they are so down
The deep dark rabbit hole
Of the Trump world view.

Q tells them to believe
In the mad man Trump
Their lord and savior.

The anti-vaxers
Do doubt believe
That they are good Christians.

Ignoring all
the fundamental teachings
Of the Christian faith they profess.

I don’t understand
These anti-vaxers
But in the end
You can’t fix stupid.

And these anti-vaxers
Will all get sick
And eventually become
Nothing but another corona ghost

Their voices crying
In the wind.
prompt one COVID Madness · 11-10-21 5:29pm
by JCosmos
Re: prompt one COVID Madness · 12-14-21 3:03am
by Warped Sanity

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