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Jan 12, 2022 at 11:49pm
Re: training the spam filter and hotkey for the expanded ...
Is there a way to train the spam filter to weed out certain senders?

No. Users have no control over the spam filter. The filter dumps what it's sure is spam before it gets to your Inbox, and puts email in your Spam folder that it's not sure about.

Users with an Upgraded+ membership can set their own filter to deal with a specific sender. See "Options" Tab from Writing.Com 101  (which is now talking about the gear icon at the upper right of the Email pages). If the sender is getting flagged by the spam filter, I'm not sure whether you'd set the target folder as the Inbox or the Spam filter, but choosing both ought to cover it; and choose Trash for the destination folder. Or if it's something that isn't spam, choose a user-created folder (= not Spam, Drafts, Inbox, or Trash) for the destination folder.

Also the spam inbox is self cleaning right?

Not that I know of.

You can use the email option to automatically send all outside email directly to Trash.
Trash Emails NOT from @Writing.Com

Trash dumps email that has been in there for a month [aka is over a month old].

Second, when reading email most of the time the words don't wrap right and I have to fiddle a lot to toggle the right side menu. Is there a keystroke shortcut for that?

No, there's just the >> button on the FAVORITES header at the top of the right column.

While you're viewing an email, you can click the printer icon (at the right side of the first line / above the header) to open that email in another tab/window, which won't have either side column.

Is this with offsite email?

Onsite, when text runs under the right column, that's usually caused by the sender/writer using a long string of characters that don't have any spaces where the line can break to fit the screen. In other words, it's a bad coding habit. If it's someone onsite, they should be using the Code Space WritingML tag (see the beta section in Enhance Your Item With WritingML from Writing.Com 101 ) several times in a long string of characters, and between adjacent images/photos, to avoid creating such problems for their readers.

You might check that this email option is checked/on:
Show HTML mail in an inline frame

Hope that helps.

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