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May 5, 2022 at 6:21pm
Re: Re: Re: Thinking about memes
What memes have similar formats? Taking a still from a film, or a series of stills, and adding different words that suit the facial expressions of those in the picture. That Willy Wonka/Gene Wilder meme where he is asking a sarcastic comment - Cracked did exactly the same thing with pretty much exactly the same picture. Mad used to do it with the scenes, "back in the day". It was so common to take a photo from an advert or newspaper and add your own commentary around it that I have examples still that I did for friends back in the 80s. Yes, the topics nowadays and the references (e.g. the Star Wars prequels) are up-to-date, but the format is not. Meme culture is just the modern technologically savvy evolution of the transitive use of media culture of the 60s (before I was born, but I've read enough older stuff).
Thinking about memes · 05-01-22 1:02pm
by Stik's Ready to Run!
Re: Thinking about memes · 05-04-22 6:23pm
by Steven reads Ursula K PenGuin
Re: Re: Thinking about memes · 05-05-22 8:19am
by Stik's Ready to Run!
*Star* Re: Re: Re: Thinking about memes · 05-05-22 6:21pm
by Steven reads Ursula K PenGuin

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