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Jun 15, 2022 at 1:08am
Re: SPAM Filtering not working?
If the spam filter wasn't working, everyone's email inbox would be full of it. The site uses a spam service to cull the vast bulk of it. What you're seeing is what gets through those spam filters. As far as I know, members here do not have any ability to adjust the spam filters at the service.

If it's going to your Inbox, it's not getting flagged as possible spam, since that is sent to your Spam folder.

If you used your wdc email anywhere offsite, that could have gotten your email address into spam lists, but because email addresses here aren't some random character string, that's not the only way it could have happened.

It sounds like you're already using the usual options I know about. Automated solutions simply aren't going to be 100% effective at eliminating spam.

But if it's still more than a minor annoyance for you, you have a couple of choices to consider in the drastic-measures category.

A. Ask The StoryMaster to permanently turn off your email account's ability to receive any outside email ever. [I don't know if that affects your ability to send email offsite.]

B. Spend $10 [in GPs] to change your username [with all the side effects that causes - please read the page carefully], but that offers no guarantee that spammers won't acquire your new email address in the future and start spamming you again. [More of a last-resort-to-save-your-sanity-from-an-ongoing-flood-of spam option.]

Hope that helps.

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