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Nov 26, 2022 at 2:25am
Re: Re: Re: Re: Max 310 Fans Viewable?
by Schnujo
I actually imagined the copy/paste box being best for folks who were just creating a brand new list. I've got 323 people on my personal list, so I need to sort out which 13 people shouldn't be there and I've found 7 people on my official fans list (what I could see of it) that weren't on my personal list. *Blush* I owe some rewards. *FacePalm*

But for me, I don't want to exclusively use the copy/paste list to send out rewards because 58 people on my personal list haven't been around for 6 months or longer. They'd be on the copy/paste list and I don't want to waste GPs on them. *Pthb* But also, I don't want to only reward people in bold (if that were an option) because I have 40 people who aren't bold, but are active (with a handful of them being only active since the summer, but most were active in the last week or two).

So, I love the new list, but don't think I'll be using it. However, I've had several people ask how to make their own list and so this is perfect for the beginner because making the initial list is a huge PITA if you have a bunch of fans. *Laugh*

I just want to be able to view all my fans. I counted after I logged out and back in and refreshed the page, too and counted 252 fans...which probably means 250. *Laugh*

NEVER MIND! They just magically showed up. *Wand* *Laugh*

Anyway, if you get bored and want to make the copy/paste list sortable by active in the last 1, 3, 6, 9, and 12 months, I'd totally use that. But it might be a lot of trouble to do that. *Pthb* If not, PLEASE DO. *Bigsmile* And if it could override the Private thing so I could still send goodies to those who are set to not show when they were last online, that would be good for them.

I used to try really hard to see if they were around, maybe they're responding to Notebook birthday wishes, sending reviews, etc. Now, I'm like, "If you don't want me to know if you're around and you're not bold, you don't get rewards. I've got better things to do." *Laugh* *Blush* If you do make it so we can sort and copy/paste a list of people only online in the last X months and we can't override the privacy thing, it's fine with me. It saves me GPs. *Laugh* Wait, but if they're bold, I will feel obligated to send them something... *Think* *FacePalm* Ugh! Maybe it will keep people from letting us know when they were last online. lol I get not wanting us to know if you are on NOW, but the last time? *RollEyes* Whatever.

Anyway...THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! *Hug1**Smile**Hug2* *Bigsmile*

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