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Mar 16, 2023 at 1:59am
Edited: March 16, 2023 at 2:17am
Re: Ghost Awards

So sorry for the delay. I'm currently dealing with family issues involving getting my father into hospice care as he is losing his battle with terminal bone and lung cancer. With that, I am traveling and dealing with a variety of things that go with the end of life process...

All the same, I don't like questions to be left unanswered and unfortunately, a "ghost awardicon" is likely something only I can help with.

But... Just so I'm clear, can you be a little more specific on what the ghost is, exactly?


What are you searching for (specific text?)?
Where are you searching for it - when you say "recently awarded", I think you maybe mean this page:

You're saying there was no email and no record it was given?
And you don't have ID for the award?
... or DID you receive an email for an award that no longer seems to exist?
(I'm confused on this point for sure; how did you find it if you didn't get an email?
... and can you find it again to show me with a link?
Did you check your email trash to be sure it didn't get accidentally delated?)
It would be really really odd for an award to be created and the email not get sent...
The order of the code makes that a super rare possibility, though nothing is impossible. *Smile*

Do some specific numbers not line up and if so, could you lay that out a little better for me?
What other information might I need to help figure this out for you?

I'm sure this looks obvious to you, but when I click over to the blog...
In terms of the awardicons, I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for and I don't really want to speculate about what it may be that I should be looking for in terms of the awardicons.
I'm also not sure exactly how the 2 members you mentioned figure into this.
... You're saying one of them gave it to you?
-- and if so did you maybe check with either to see if they did, when they sent it...
and if THEY received a confirmation email for the sending?
... And/or if they can find the GP transaction in their logs - that might help.

I'm really sorry that I'm not understanding what you're asking about just yet...

If I can understand and I can provide answer, I'll be happy to help.
It may indeed end up as a ghost in the machine, a bug I can't easily identify that will have to get tacked to the stack of random oddities and "on-off" weirdness that sometimes happens when time commitments and life things prevent me from getting to the bottom of them in a timely fashion.

Best wishes,

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