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A warm welcome to our newbies; come meet new and not-so-new members of Writing.Com!
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May 30, 2023 at 7:50am
Newbie Introduction
by Joseph
Hi, I’m Joe Mark, Keeping it short, sweet and simple.
The best way to introduce myself is to ask you to Read some of my Work, then you will know me.
Busy with work and life the Writer would visit occasionally. I decided when he visited to find Him something to write on. His visits got shorter and longer between. Leaving me with a Collection of stories, chapters, Poems and a stack of unfinished works That I am now trying to piece together.


As I was walking down Life’s pathway🏃‍♂️
I spied an old old man🧙‍♂️
he said What's your hurry
sit beside me Listen to me
young young man🐣
You will hear of a journey
A long long journey
From A time while ago🧭
IT’s so easy_ gets much harder
yet easy again_🎶
Crawling walking_ running falling
Loving Hating_ worrying laughing
Life is easy gets_ much harder_ yet easy again🎶
Laughing shouting_ so undoubting🎵
Thought I was in charge
Crying hurting_ loving losing🤣
All done_ yet only begun
Am I Finished_ or just beginning🏁🏴
I don’t ever know
Beginning over_ then finished again
Finding Loving_ growing learning💕
Never had a clue
Lost it all__ then found it again
Still Climbing_ Falling Crawling_ Walking Again⏳
Child smell the roses_ Hear the Wind
Take your Time_ before you begin
While you wait_ it gets too Late🌓🌒🌑
It's all Over_ & beginning again
Climbing Falling_ Crawling Walking ✈🪂
Taking Giving_ laughing crying
Smell the Roses_ Can you hear it🦚
Listen to the Wind 🌪🌬
Enjoy it_ Look around you
smell the Roses🌄
Listen it's the Wind
I looked_ I finally heard it🗽🏜
I listened to the wind
I listened then I saw
The old man gone in the Wind🌬🌊🌪
Joe Mark
Newbie Introduction · 05-30-23 7:50am
by Joseph
Re: Newbie Introduction · 05-30-23 8:48am
by Gaby ~ Busy!
Re: Re: Newbie Introduction · 05-30-23 9:02am
by Joseph
Re: Re: Re: Newbie Introduction · 05-30-23 9:06am
by Gaby ~ Busy!
Re: Newbie Introduction · 05-30-23 9:00am
by PiriPica

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