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The First PIF Mystery Ball (closed January, 2003)
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Jan 19, 2003 at 12:52pm
BR: All and Lady Sarinja
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Lord Aster passed from behind a heavy drape that had been used to cover the doors out of the ballroom. He had just been escorted through a short corridor to a side room where he had lain the body of Maryann . He had seen many terrible things while away in the wars, but the death of an innocent was enough to render even his heart raw.

As he allowed his eyes to adjust to the now seemingly harsh light of the ball room, he noticed Lady Sarinja still standing alone a little off to one side. But before he could make a move to join her he saw a punch glass speed across the room, striking auric. A strange occurence indeed, but one that he was not surprised at. It was said that those whom suffered a violent death often haunted those who had killed them... or even those whom had failed to save them.

He stood by in silence as the Queen personally vouched for auric which he mentally noted.

Then, crossing the ball room to rejoin ladisarinja he offerd her a polite nod. "My lady, i do believe i owe you the answer to a question. I only hope it serves to distract you from the distressing occurences that now seem to be infesting this gathering..."

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BR: All and Lady Sarinja · 01-19-03 12:52pm
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