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The First PIF Mystery Ball (closed January, 2003)
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Jan 19, 2003 at 4:16pm
BR:Lady Lucinda
by NL*
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Carlo stood forlorn on the dance floor as rickysgranny walked away. It was quite evident that she was not going to be one of those easy socialites. He would have to work harder for her, but in the mean time, he was sure there were a few more willing dames to play with until he could finesse his fine lady some more. He was just finishing this thought when he eyes rested on a familiar face on the other side of the room. ♥HOOves♥ was his favorite stripper at his Boom Boom club not so long ago. He had often wondered what had happened to her and now, there she was, at the ritziest event of the year. She must have done well for herself, very well indeed. Well enough, in fact, that she may even be qualified for his own personal "special treatment" list.

Carlo, deciding to wait for the right time to approach ♥HOOves♥ , left the dance floor and walked over to the buffet table. After filling up his plate, he sat down on the nearest settee and began eating but was soon disturbed by a commotion behind him. Deciding to investigate, he walked over to the epoch center of the unrest and peering over the other guests, spied the dead Maryann .

"Now 'dat's rotten luck" said Carlo over a mouth full of chicken.

Carlo had seen plenty of dead bodies in his day, and none in quite as pristine condition as Maryann . After all, the didn't call him "Boom Boom" for 'nutten.

Again he retreated to a cozy corner to finish off his plate and enjoy the unrest. It seemed to him like the party had finally taken a turn for the better. Finishing his plate and licking his fingers, he got up to see about a refill when he again spied the lovely ♥HOOves♥ across the room. She seemed to have noticed him as well but was distracted by another guest, but this didn't daunt Carlo, and he marched quite confidently up to her.

"Scuse me dwall face" said Carlo, lighting an expensive cigarette and blowing a blue puff of smoke in ♥HOOves♥ 's face "buta, don't I know you from somewheres?"

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BR:Lady Lucinda · 01-19-03 4:16pm
by NL*

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