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The First PIF Mystery Ball (closed January, 2003)
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Jan 19, 2003 at 4:38pm
BR: Host
by Pita
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It suddenly became clear to him in one shattering moment. Of course. The loud displays were to make us think they were just a lonley woman in search of laughter, instead of a bitter woman filled with deadly hate. It all clicked and snapped together!

Takling out a pen and paper, he scribbled:

"Your Majesty and Dearest Hostess,

I have deduced that our villian is none other than rickysgranny whose skill in subterfuge just came to me now. Please look at the notes we've been given and passed. See the crabbed strange hand? So close to her own. How similar are the words of both the villian and lady incognito! The diction, the cadence. These things cannot be disguised (even though Fireant insists they could be.) AS a bard I am trained to hear such things for our skill is wholly in words.

You'll also note she was one of the first to greet Maryann and though she acted as if she we interested in Boom Boom, her eyes followed poor starlight everywhere.

Your humble servant,

Sir Pita Holly


Pita signed the note, then summonded the bulter. "Good sir, please deliver this note to your mistress as quickly as you can! Our lives depend on your haste!"

And he sat back and waited!

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BR: Host · 01-19-03 4:38pm
by Pita

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