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Guest Book - This Genie will grant you any three wishes that you desire!
Greetings Master:      ** Images For Use By Upgraded+ Only **

A huge thank you to my friend ~WhoMe???~ for this priceless trophy that graces my humble guest book. *Heart*

I have lived 100's of  years and had many, many former Masters.  Because of this, its very important to me for you to sign my Guest Book.  This helps me to keep track of my "Geneology" so to speak.

You will not leave here empty handed.  Before you go I shall grant you 3 wishes per visit of your choice.  Your only restriction is you cannot ask for more wishes!  To do so may null and void any wishes you may have already placed. 

Take your time and think of what is truly dear to your heart.  Remember once a wish is placed, it can never be taken back.  Do you dream of youth, beauty or good health?  Do you desire riches, gold or diamonds?  Perhaps you are seeking the rarest gift of all, do you dream of love?  Nothing is thought to be too great, nor too small.  If you play your cards right, you may have it all!

May all your wishes come true!

Go ahead, rub my lamp, I dare you!
** Images For Use By Upgraded+ Only **

** Images For Use By Upgraded+ Only **

Request: Max Griffin @ 10-07-07 @ 9:29am
Ah, the genie almost always has a trick to their wishes, right? How about I wish for someone wiser than me to wish for the well-being of all humankind?

Request: Humming Bird-INSOMNIA! :( :( @ 10-21-07 @ 11:37pm
This is a beautiful guestbook. Well, here's my first wish: I wish you'd visit my port once. And review an item. I'll come back, so I'll save other wishes for later.

Request: EC~ Writting~... @ 10-26-07 @ 11:33pm
Request 1. Please stop the fires in Southern California 2. Please end all wars 3. If you can't do those two little things then at least have personal peace and keep on writing! *I enjoy your name and this wishing bottle.

Request: Lucy Gordon @ 10-27-07 @ 10:24pm
Request 1. To have the body I did in 1996. 2.To pactually finish a novel and have it published by a major publisher. 3. A cure for breast cancer and if this isn't possible: a return of my sanity.

Request: Nightreach @ 10-30-07 @ 10:20pm
1. I wish for more wisdom to better help my wishes and more importantly my life. 2. I wish for more intelligence so I can impart knowledge on others. 3. I wish for powers like you have! (Without the genie status. Don't like the restrictions.)

Request: Humming Bird-INSOMNIA! :( :( @ 11-01-07 @ 2:13pm
Thank you so much for granting my first wish. Now would you please visit this and buy a sig?

HB's Signature Collection  (E)
This is just a place for my graphical works. Pick up your choice.
#1186072 by Humming Bird-INSOMNIA! :( :(
. You have some great sigs in your port, I wanna make one for you.*Smile*

Request: Bleeding Dawn @ 11-02-07 @ 9:12am
I wish I know what to say, all well, Yay!!! I wish for my dad to get published three times over!! Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet agian.

Request: kjo just groovin' @ 11-11-07 @ 11:18pm
I am Not _____ I can_____ I will______ The genie can fill in the blanks*Bigsmile* Cool and Just groovin kjo*Flower3*

Request: Tehanu @ 11-25-07 @ 3:41pm
Hello Reiki! =) Let's see...I'd like to wish for: world peace, good health for all, and a universally clean environment. Thanks for all the wishes - it was nice to stop by and see such a lovely lamp and genie. *Delight*

Request: ♥SoNNetWolF♫ @ 12-05-07 @ 7:39pm
First wish ~ that my new book of Poetry coming out before Christmas, "Tortured Light," be met with a measure of success. 2nd & Third ~ I wish that all my friends here on WDC be healthy and have all THEIR wishes come true.

Request: SpookyB @ 12-28-07 @ 12:46am
What a unique, welcoming guestbook, Sweetie. #1 Stay sweet, #2 kind and #3 pop into my port for a poem or short story. Smiles, Steph

Request: writeartista @ 01-31-08 @ 1:54am
Please, Genie, take me to a place somewhere over the rainbow -- a place that I've heard of once in a lullaby; fly me to that place where I can once again see the loved ones who've passed on; and me a billionaire so I can publish my own books.

Request: H.C.Paye - All I Need @ 03-14-08 @ 6:48pm
Hello Genie, at the moment I only have one wish, but I'm sure some more will come up soon (always happens) Wish 1. To get an upgrad of any sort!

Request: H.C.Paye - All I Need @ 03-14-08 @ 6:49pm
Oop's I mean to say *Upgrade of any sort!

Request: Hailey @ 03-19-08 @ 12:17pm
Oo, can I make some wishes? 1. A sexy man in my life. I'm a Scorpio. *wink, wink* 2. To get published this year, even if it's just with a short story. 3. I'd love everyone to come check out your awesome, inventive and fun port! :)

Request: * §apph * @ 03-19-08 @ 12:32pm
*waves* Hiya!!! *Bigsmile* Hmm...3 wishes. I'll hold on and wait until later. *Wink* Considering I'll be here for a while I think I can wait. *Smile*

Request: Doug @ 03-20-08 @ 9:59pm
Let's see... #1 To get a job that I love. #2 That I get either a poem or story published this year - preferably paid. #3 I'll reserve that wish for another time

Request: Carpageo @ 04-17-08 @ 6:07pm
Hello again, ReikiDreamer. I have just one immediate request. I'd like you to think of me as a friend. I really love what you've done for "Gab". I'm happy to know you two precious individuals. *Blush**Bigsmile*

Request: Doc Franken-Papi on a roll!!! @ 04-27-08 @ 10:07pm
Reiki Dreamer(shielding my eyes) you are beautiful!I forgot what my wishes were!(1) I would like to someday be a part of the Rising Stars Group (2) I would like to have a greater inner peace,(3)that I inherit greater than 2 million dollars!

Request: L. D. Dailey @ 05-01-08 @ 2:41am
1. To be leader of the New World Order. 2. A super powers allowing me to absorb the talents of others. 3. The ability to understand women- without being one

Request: DarkRose praying 4 Renna @ 05-05-08 @ 6:51pm
Ummm . . . well lets see. A home for my family as big as my mother could ever want. A laptop computer for myself and my mother. And the three little sisters I've been dreaming of for years.

Request: Ace Artinimus @ 05-08-08 @ 10:00pm
Wishes are such tricky things...and you've gone and granted three to all who ask. I only request one, a simple, worry free life (by my definition Wink )

Request: *Jenny* @ 06-23-08 @ 1:10pm
Okay. Well I wish to always reach into my pocket & always have the right amount of money. I wish I could just think of a place I'd like to be & then magically be there. Lastly, I have no clue. *Laugh*

Request: ShiShadow @ 07-06-08 @ 9:37pm
000hh... I'm so glad I found this place. *Delight*1. I wish that my kids would come and visit me more. 2. I wish that my kids could afford gas to come visit me more. 3. I wish that we all could...afford gas...by the way.

Request: Sandals @ 07-10-08 @ 9:39am
So many things to wish for, how do I chose? #1-that a major publisher gives me a contract with a big fat upfront fee for my children's series. #2-to write a best-selling novel. #3-for my family to always be safe, happy, wealthy, healthy and loved.

Request: Shannoween @ 07-19-08 @ 6:31am
Hmm, well I wish my foot heals so I don't have to have surgery, I wish my husband gets the job in the Dominican Republic, and I wish my writing touches just one person's heart.

Request: ~ Pat ~ @ 07-25-08 @ 10:31am
Lovely Guestbook! Now for the wishes: For my children to be happy..... For my loved ones to all be in Heaven together one day....And last of all, for you to visit my port and review something--preferrably an unawarded item. Smile

Request: Temagami (Guiding Light) @ 08-06-08 @ 10:57am
What a wonderful and unique Guestbook. Three wishes? First is a long story, so I'll just say peace for myself and family. #2: Move to the country, #3 to be published.*Smile*

Request: Coolhand @ 10-17-08 @ 9:27am
I wish I could go back in time--with the knowledge I have now--and start all over. I'll save the other two in case I miss up again.

Request: Raphal @ 10-23-08 @ 2:46am
I wish for peace, health and joy for my children, family and friends. I wish for health and peace of mind for myself. I wish for Peace of Christ to reign in more and more hearts on Earth every day.

Request: HRH Little Miss Darkness @ 11-06-08 @ 8:45pm
I wish for Nick to love me like I love him, I wish for world peace and I wish for striking beauty.

Request: PinkPhoenix @ 11-16-08 @ 12:10am
uuuuhhh nice!!! 3 wishes!! :)) hhmmm.. I wish for happiness, health and have a completed written novel by Dec 2009.

Request: ~EL~ Happy NaNo @ 12-16-08 @ 1:41pm
Ooooh, ooohhh, ooooh, I've always wanted a genie. I would like a port raid for my sister, Valeera , and an awardicon for one of her pieces. I would also like you to check out our raffle "Invalid Item. Thank you, genie!

Request: Sangeetha Shenoy @ 01-04-09 @ 4:32am
Well I started this personality assessment page on the in and out section. So far I ve had only 1 person who posted. I Wish more people would visit my page and give it a shot. http://www.writing.com/main/handler/item_id/1511140

Request: Sara - will be back soon @ 01-13-09 @ 10:17pm
I wish that my procrastination would go away so that I could finish fixing up my NaNo Novel ... I wish that I somehow received a Merit Badge from a nice person ... I wish that I can somehow get more money to go to the salon and dye my hair again =]

Request: Xime @ 02-10-09 @ 3:56pm
Ok let's see my wishes... 1) I wish to publish, 2) I wish to do well in my exams 3) I wish some love in my life!!! 3 wishes if fun :D

Request: dottore @ 02-16-09 @ 1:48am
Raise a confident, loving and grounded daughter Publish my novel Tikkun Olam (repair the world)

Request: Just an Ordinary Jyo! @ 03-24-09 @ 5:35am
Dear Genie, It is a privilege to meet someone at once artistic and caring. I wish I had met you earlier! You are blessed to have so many people believing in you, I wish for their wishes to come true. I wish you would find what you want from life!

Request: WitChi Woman @ 04-17-09 @ 10:15am
Thanks, genie! 1. World peace. 2. Happiness and prosperity for friends and famiy. 3. Reikidreamer to blog again so I can get my daily shot of optimism. *Heart*

Request: ES Morgan @ 06-18-09 @ 1:26pm
I'd like a 12 inch pianist, the woman coming out of the lamp, and cab fare.

Request: Mires~~Someday I'll Return @ 06-19-09 @ 1:30am
Wish 1: I want to finish, polish and publish a book. Wish 2: I want to make lots of money off of that book. Wish 3: I want to repeat the process while still being original with my books! (new characters, storylines...etc etc.) Bigsmile

Request: ♥just oNe tHiNG♥ @ 07-07-09 @ 8:51am
I wish for endless hay, sparkling cider and nice places to graze like this guest book! Hi from HOOVES

Request: Dutch Hill Girl @ 08-06-09 @ 9:02am
Wish #1: Become a published writer this year. Wish #2: Get a detailed review on three of my stories. Wish #3: Have a clear answer to the questions I'm about to send you by e-mail.

Request: Noa נעה @ 08-06-09 @ 10:32pm
Wish #1: For no more terrorist attacks here in Israel. Wish #2: For less-expensive coffee. Wish #3: Peace.

Request: Davina @ 08-07-09 @ 11:59pm
Can I have just one wish now and save the other two for later? Right now all I wish for is a little bit of contentment. That's not too much is it?

Request: Humming Bird-INSOMNIA! :( :( @ 08-22-09 @ 7:38am
hi, can I ask for 2 more reviews?

Request: Hunting 👻 by Moonlight @ 08-24-09 @ 1:58pm
Hmmm 3 huh? *Laugh* Health, patience, and finding the words that will touch another's sould...

Request: Steev the Friction Wizurd @ 09-01-09 @ 9:14am
Um, I wish I would quit falling for genie scams. I wish that when I do fall for a genie scam I can think of a useful wish. I wish I wouldn't keep wasting my wishes when I am in wishing situations. Frown

Request: DnaDream @ 12-21-09 @ 4:44am
Since I can't have a genie of my very own, I wish for: 1) a honest review of my campfire Mayhem's Quest 2) a sense of humor 3) To share life with the one that understands me best...now.

Request: Humming Bird-INSOMNIA! :( :( @ 03-16-10 @ 10:41pm
Wish huh? well, I just have one wish - come and join my birthday party at:

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#1653747 by Not Available.

Request: Lexi Rose-Elated to be back @ 04-29-10 @ 3:09pm
1.gain enough practice in Historical Fiction to get to where I feel I can pull together my original novel idea.2.I wish to Have at least one child in life 3.To be one of those happy elderly couples that I smile at. Great Idea! Like Creative Visualization.

Request: Friendly Thinker @ 12-01-10 @ 5:45pm
1: I wish you a merry christmas and I hope to talk with my favorite genie. I'll save my other two wishes for later when I need them.

Request: Marlin Spike @ 03-26-13 @ 8:24pm
Three wishes. I've carefully considered my words to avoid backfiring. Remember the guy who wished for a wife 20 years younger than himself? The genie aged him 20 years but not his wife! I wish I would have met you when I was younger. Poof!

Request: Tori Chaney @ 12-03-16 @ 3:44am

This is wonderful! 1. to be able to pay rent this month. 2. strength in the coming weeks and months. 3. an upgraded membership here in WDC. Thank you, you wonderful Genie you. Heart

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