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Do you think that some people give great reviews, and want to give them something back?
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Hiya! Welcome to the group page for "Reviewing Reviewers ~ ON HIATUS. This group was originally founded in 2009 by Sara♥Jean . I can't thank her enough for the faith she placed in me this past year by granting me the opportunity to lead such an amazing group.

As a writer, there is nothing more valuable to me than feedback. I have to admit, receiving positive, encouraging, and helpful reviews is like winning the lottery. Nothing makes my day like opening my email and finding proof that someone read my work and took the time to tell me what they thought of it.

The first review I ever received here on Writing.Com came with a list of edit suggestions, a three star rating, and the comment, "You have talent. Don't give up on that. Keep working, keep writing, and you will reach your goals." I can remember just how thrilled I was that someone had not only read my work and liked it, he/she had liked it enough to try to help me make it even better. Now, tell me, what in the world could be better than that?

Review [ri-vyoo] - noun - to look over someone's work and make a decision on the quality thereof.

The name Reviewing Reviewers does not just refer to the term "reviewing" that WdC uses, where you take an item that the person has posted and use the review system to review. The term "review" in this group means to look over someone's work - in this case, their reviews - and deem whether they are worthy of reward.

When I take a look at the Public Reviewing page (http://www.writing.com/main/my_feedback/action/rrs), I see some people that give some pretty awesome reviews. In-depth, thoughtful, positive, insightful - there are so many different ways to describe them. This group will be designed to reward those reviewers in two ways.

1. Reward them with GPs!

On the top, right-hand side of every review on the Reviewing page, there is an option to give a reviewer gift points for their great review. This is an under-used tool, as most send their GPs through the mail after receiving a great review. Sending GPs through the mail, however, doesn't help a great reviewer rise on the "Most Credited Reviewers" list (http://www.writing.com/main/my_feedback/action/top_reviewers). Only sending GPs through the tool on the reviewing page does. This group will concentrate on sending them through the reviewing page - so deserving reviewers can earn that great Merit Badge at the end of the month for being on the "Most Credited Reviewers" list.

2. Review one of their items!

A lot of great reviewers... don't get great reviews in return, as sad as that might be. So, along with rewarding those great reviewers with GPs, I'd like this group to also reward them with reviews. In fact, this will be the main focus of the group - to give in-depth reviews that are just as insightful and helpful as those that they give to others.

Yes, this does mean that reviews that say, "This is great! I enjoyed reading it. Write on. Signature, signature, signature," will not be allowed. Someone could write this about everything they rate and review, and not even read it - it is so generic. Even if an item is great, you can tell someone why it is great. Show them that you actually read the piece, and were drawn into it. Tell them what parts you liked, and what parts you think could be tweaked. Be encouraging.

If you'd like to research how to review, check out some of the following items:

"Invalid Item

"Invalid Item

"Reviewing [E]

Activity Guidelines

There will not be a person booted out of this group (ever) for inactivity. I want this to be a group you want to participate in when you have time, and I understand that some people simply have more time than others do. Give us the time that you can. There is no minimum or maximum participation required every day, week, or month. Even if you are here as just a cheerleader, you are welcome.

So if you know some really great reviewers out there that you'd like to see rewarded, I'd love to see you join the ranks of this group! We will even find ways to reward our own members - as it's hardly fair to reward every other great reviewer on this site, but not our own.

Guidelines for rewarding and reviewing are outlined in the group-only forum. If you would like to join this group, email ~A.J. Lyle~ , and I'll get you all set up!

I want to thank all of those contributing to get this group started. You all are great!

The StoryMaster , Robert Waltz , Octobersun , Brae , "Invalid Item through Northernwrites , EarlyHours-A Vigilante Ranger , Erik Stark , Winnie

Current Activities

SGDG Annual Christmas Auction-Raffle  (E)
#1886658 by ~ Sisco ~

The Polar Bear Raffle  (E)
1000 GPs/ticket. 25% of the pot + prizes to win! And it's just the tip of the iceberg...
#1754258 by flea

If you know of an activity not listed, tell one of the leadership so we can get it fixed.

Our public forum is located here: "Reviewing Reviewers Public Forum [E]. Feel free to contact us if you have some reviewers you think we might be missing, or if you are a rewarded reviewer and you'd like us to look at something in your port. Or even just to say hello! Smile

  Group Members:  55 Members

  Group Gift Point Balance:  3,694 GPs

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~A.J. Lyle~ -- RR Crew Leader
Sara♥Jean -- RR Crew Leading Team
~WhoMe???~ -- RR Crew Leading Team
SHERRI GIBSON -- RR Crew Leading Team
Budroe -- RR Crew Leading Team
Brae -- RR Crew Leading Team
Mike~Dolphins Fan 4 Life -- RR Crew Leading Team
Missy ~ Back To Basics -- RR Crew Leading Team
Robert Waltz -- RR Crew Member
Moody Blue: Needs an Upgrade -- RR Crew Member
Angelica~ SunnySideUp -- RR Crew Member
Octobersun -- RR Crew Member
Andrew -- RR Crew Member
The StoryMaster -- RR Crew Member
ImagineTryingToLearnToBeSingle -- RR Crew Member
Pyper working hard on project -- RR Crew Member
LJPC - the tortoise -- RR Crew Member
Mistress Mayhem -- RR Crew Member
EarlyHours-A Vigilante Ranger -- RR Crew Member
odenthal1128 -- RR Crew Member
Phoenix -- RR Crew Member
Nita, Still praying for Phoebe -- RR Crew Member
The Milkman -- RR Crew Member
Sara - will be back soon -- RR Crew Member
wewsc -- RR Crew Member
Westley -- RR Crew Member
~ Sisco ~ -- RR Crew Member
ruwth -- RR Crew Member
Elizabeth Hayes - Poshing -- RR Crew Member
Bubba<3TrueBlood -- RR Crew Member
Gabriella -- RR Crew Member
A.S. Hendra [Job-Searching] -- RR Crew Member
Oscar -- RR Crew Member
Patrick -- RR Crew Member
MumstheWord -- RR Crew Member
~Vikki~ -- RR Crew Member
Julie D -- RR Crew Member
Eneh Akpan -- RR Crew Member
dogpack:invest in yourself -- RR Crew Member
GirlOnTheRun -- RR Crew Member
StormyRaven -- RR Crew Member
Elysia -- RR Crew Member
Marsha Musselman -- RR Crew Member
gladiola -- RR Crew Member
Bikerider -- RR Crew Member
Jocelyn Green -- RR Crew Member
KerrieAnnS -- RR Crew Member
nocturne_A -- RR Crew Member
Mandy -- RR Crew Member
L. D. Dailey -- RR Crew Member

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