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Writer's views on the use of character sheets.
A character sheet is a detailed record of each character in your story or novel. Character sheets can be used to help a writer remember even the most minute details of a character and should be referred to continuously as you are working on your draft.

Author: Pepper
Date and Time: 02-23-10 @ 11:01am
Thoughts: I've never written anything longer than a short story, so I've never needed one. However, I can see the value if writing a novel. It might prevent a tiny error like changing eye color. Readers will be quick to spot this & really be annoyed by it.

Author: Jimminycritic
Date and Time: 02-24-10 @ 9:56pm
Thoughts: Character sheets can be very helpful. I use basic sheets scribbled with information but not very organized. I have looked into it and have been meaning to do better and be more organized. I have sometimes thought creativity would suffer was organized..

Author: TL is Published!! WhooHoo!!!
Date and Time: 02-24-10 @ 11:19pm
Thoughts: @Pep - Thank you for your response. I agree, a character sheet is not really needed for a short story. Although I recall someone mentioning they have used it for a long short story.

Author: TL is Published!! WhooHoo!!!
Date and Time: 02-25-10 @ 12:14am
Thoughts: @Mystic - Awesome stuff. Thank you. Wait a min. You asked Philip why he didn't tell you why he never told you and he answered?

Author: TL is Published!! WhooHoo!!!
Date and Time: 02-25-10 @ 12:18am
Thoughts: @jimminy - I love that. sheets scribbled with information but not very organized. I used to do the same thing. I find the character sheet is just a tad more efficient. Thanks for your input.

Author: Steev the Friction Wizurd
Date and Time: 02-25-10 @ 10:24am
Thoughts: One drawback to character sheets is that they can encourage a writer to produce information-heavy stories loaded with details that readers can't remember. The writer spends much more time with the story than any reader ever will.

Author: Gambling Vampire
Date and Time: 02-26-10 @ 3:07pm
Thoughts: I have never used one, nor do I know much about them, but since I am writing a book with lots of characters, it would probably help a great deal?

Author: TL is Published!! WhooHoo!!!
Date and Time: 04-01-10 @ 2:30am
Thoughts: I want to once again thank all of the authors who participated. You were a great help to the cause.

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