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My guest book. Please sign it, introduce yourself and make my day!
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Hi, my name is Tammy. If you'd like to know more about me check out this folder:
Let me introduce myself...  (E)
Come in and find out about me.
#951099 by Tammy~Catchin Up~

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Please introduce yourself by signing my guestbook. If you have something you want to share, post a link here.

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Like to spend a little time here, check out some of my favorite pieces:
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Meet my family and friends.  (E)
Poetry about my family and friends.
#948862 by Tammy~Catchin Up~

robkbell says "Hi Tammy! I Just thought I would pay my respects to your guestbook. You are doing wonderful things! keep it up!! -Rob"

DN Bode says "Hey Tammy!!! Thanx 4 the reviewz!!!!"

Tehanu says "Congrats on the new blue suitcase, Tammy! *Smile*"

Barbara says "Hi Tammy, I'm SadPrincess (Barbara), 57 years old, and M2F transsexual. I love to write and I love to make friends."

Shy Poet says "Hi Tammy I appreciate what you do in the Praying Hands Group etc. God bless you always."

Michelle M says "Hello Tammy! I thought I'd come over to sign your guest book. Great port you have here!"

Walter Durk says "My name is Walter, I write, occasionally. I don't feel bound by rules, so I write as I feel. My writing may be experimental, or at least non-conforming, and I like that... I hope everyone finds something enjoyable at this writing site."

Fluffi says "'Ello mate. I am Jatta and I be an EMT ~AND~ a starving artist ~AND~ a crazy writer in need of reviews! HUZZAH! "

mousiebrowniecho says "Hi Tammy, you have a great guestbook which makes me and i'm sure everyone else feel very welcomed. "

The Man from Grizzly Creek says "Hello all my name is Michael and I am “The Man from Grizzly Creek”. I am the author of “A K9 Legend is Born” and “You ask me if I cry” www.jesse-woodson-james.com . "

Paul_K says "Hi Tammy - love your port. I just wanted to say thanks and to let you know that you have made me feel welcome here at Witing.com. You have proven what they say - that there are a lot of nice people here. Thanks again."

Crystalwizard says "Hi Tammy, just stopping by to say hi. "

Tamaras Broken Soul says "Hello, I am a Tammy too! Nice to meet you and I would be glad to check out some of your work. Have a great day."

Mothermouse--come visit me says "Hi Tammy. I'm just cruisin' ports for awhile and stopped by yours. It's been a long while but it still looks inviting. *Smile* Your friend always. Mothermouse"

VictoriaMcCullough says ""Hi Tammy, great little idea. Here's my autograph. Just wanted to sign it for you too. Good luck in all you do for Writing.com!!"*Heart*"

Noble has the writing bug says "I'd say something witty and charming, but all that talent's been used up on others, so, I'll just leave you with a small 'Hello'"

Nitish says "Hey tammy thanks for the review u know what...u were the first one to review my poem...feels good...i m not into this n think ur review might stay for quite long as the only one...thanks anyways...nitish here...cheers"

Easy says "Hi Tammy! You dropped by my port, and I wanted to find out something about you. I read your very well written autobiography. It goes a long way toward letting one know you. I hope to know you better someday. Easy, nearly in Rockwell."

Alabama says "RoseMarie Jackson says, "Hey Tammy, interesting port." I look forward to browsing around."

iKïyå§ama says "Hola, Tammy! Can't believe I haven't dropped you a note here yet. *Bigsmile* But thanks for being such a cool and inspirational person! It's been a pleasure getting to know you on this community. *Flower2**Heart**Flower1*"

Emailman says "Hi Tammy, haven't had the pleasure of getting to know you, but thank you for the lovely GP's...Kurt!!!"

Emilbus says "You mean so many here... I can only say thank you for taking time out to think of me from time to time I feel as though I am in good company with all of those who have signed into your great autograph folder Smile John"

Wolfedale says "Hey Tammy"

Helen says "Hey Tammy - thank you heaps for the Newbie Box and I hope to get to know you more over time Smile"

paula_legate says "Hello Tammy, Just wanted to stop by and say Hello! Have a wonderful day! Paula "

Ms. Penguin says "Just thought I'd pop in and say hi. Might as well check out your port while I'm here. Smile "

~*~Damiana Returned~*~ says "Hi Tammy, My name is Damiana. I am a new member of the I ReMember when group. I have been on this site since Nov/05 and I am addicted to WDC!. I look forward to getting to know you better and reviewing some of your work."

Annie says "HI Tammy! Just checking out your port, thought I would sign in first and read later. *Bigsmile* Annie"

IndigoRoberts1717 says "Greetings, nice lady. Lovely site-I'm looking forward to perusing it again..:) "Words are the Fire of Heaven-" j.s. 1991 JayneStarke1717"

MuseinMeltdown says "Hi Tammy - thank you for your review comment - it brought me to your port, what a lovely place to visit. Best wishes, and I shall enjoy reading your work. Shani"

Queen Taysha says "Hey thanks for allowing me to sign your guestbook. Keep on writing, and check out my port. This is Queen Taysha saying good-bye for now. Queen Taysha"

Amelia Capponi says "Hi Tammy, was just looking through your port so I thought I'd stop by to say hi! This is such a great idea for an item! Take care and best wishes. Jamey. x"

p.w. says "hello, tammy. just passing by to say hi."

SueBear says "Hi there, just wandered by. Going to check out your port as well. *waves*"

MDuci says "Hi! Tammy, seems like a good day to stop by for a refreshing visit. Thanks for making it so comfortable. Thanks again for the GPs."

~WhoMe???~ says "Hello! This is whome. Would have been WhoMe, but to change that now would just be confusing. I like to write poetry and love to read. I enjoy helping others and Love it here at the WDC."

SL Krieg says "Tammy, just wanted to say hello and Happy Reading."

Forge says "Hey Tammy, Forge here, just thought I'd sign in with my usual "Forge Woz 'Ere!" have fun... I look forward to getting to know eachother better..."

KevG says "Hi Tammy. Just thought I would drop past and say thank for all the review rewards. Take it easy. KevG "

Gaby says "Well! I just took a peek at this and everyone keeps repeating your name.. *Confused* so.. Hi Tammy! *Bigsmile* I'm taking a little break and figured I could stop by here for some coffee..."

Crimson Goth says "Hi Tammy! I just looked through some of the In & Outs and saw this this. So I just thought that I would greet myself on here, too."

ERINation says "Good Morning Tammy! Just read your autobiography and it's nice to know something about you that I found almost similar as mine, we're both on the fields of healthcare and we're a part of writing.com! Catcha!! "

chellevett.on.hiatus says "Hi Tammy ... thanks for your continued encouragement. Thought I'd drop by and check out your portfolio. You've got some great writings. Look forward to reading more of your work."

Budroe says "Hiya, Tammy. I just wanted to be among (RIGHT!) the first to sign your Guestbook! :) Great Idea! See ya soon. Budroe"

SHERRI GIBSON says "Hi Tammy! Just drpped in to say it's an honoe to be a sister and a friend, and that I wish you a very Happy Holiday Season. *Smile* *Heart*"

~Shana Determined to Be~ says " Hello! Just dropping by to say hi and that I visited your port. I think you are a talented and creative person and writer. Keep up the good work of helping writers around the site. *Smile*"

Black Willow says "Hi Tammy! I'm Dana Smile Nice to meet you! "

hoosiermomma2 says "HI! I'm Vicky...I'm a newbie so far but loving every minute of it. Looking forward to reading some of your work Blessings Vicky"

Jack Thomas says "Hello there. Wanted to say thanks once again for sponsoring my work. I do appreciate any and all positive feedback so this is quite an honor. I look forward to checking out your work as well."

bugzy is baaaccck!! says "Sending you blessings and appreciation for the angel badge and for honouring my sister in your contest. Your words came on perfect day. We are both smiling today *Heart*"

Sweets says "Hi Tammy, call me Sweets. It's a pleasure to meet you. Fabulous port! It will take some time to go through it all. Thanks for your support."

AntiBarbie says "I simply must ask, who made the Tammy's Port sign? It's lovely! Have a wonderful weekend Tammy! *Smile*"

Prosperous Snow (Neva) says "Hi, Tammy, I just dropped in to check out your port and review."

SouthernDiva says "Hi Tammy! Just stopped by to say hello on my way to a PORT RAID for the Angel Army Appreciation Month... I'm so excited...."

SHERRI GIBSON says "Hi Tammy! Just dropping in to say hi again, and what a pleasure it is calling you a sister. *Heart* Big hugs, Sherri"

WitChi Woman says "Hi Tammy! I'm snooping around for a story to review and thought I'd say hello to a sister..."

Cmac says "Hello Tammy, Cmac stoped by to look around. I hope you have a great day."

teihzbael says "Well. since you asked, I am leaving you a greeting. Hello. Due to my anti-social attributes, I am working on it in chat, I am only going to let you know I was here and wish you the best of luck."

Humming Bird-INSOMNIA! :( :( says "Hello there, you've really got some wonderful pieces in your port. I enjoyed my visit. Will come back again. *Smile*"

Kate ~ Writing and Reading says "Happy Birthday! May the joy and light your presence imbues in the lives of so many shine upon you this day*Heart*"

Nourie says "Ello Tammy! Thought I'd drop by and say hello from Geneva. You've got some great stuff in here! Cheers and have a great day.xx "

Carl Halling says "Hi Tammy. Just saw your request to sign and thought I'd do that and say hi, but I'm going to read some of your work right now. Best Wishes. "

Julie Caulfield says "Hello Tammy! This is a good way to get friends in the community. There are 100 writers displayed. How many have really signed? I'm in Salt Lake City. Nice to sort of meet you. Best Wishes."

iKïyå§ama says "Wait a minute! I've been here before, but what the heck. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! *Bigsmile**Heart**Flower1*"

Tammy~Catchin Up~ says "I just wanted to post here for any that enter....I have the BEST WDC friends ever!! : )"

WWJD says "Hi Tammy, I saw your greeting and thought I'd come in to check out your Port. I hope all is going well for you now. Take care of yourself and those little ones. God Bless"

StaiNed knows grief says "*Bigsmile*Hi Tammy!"

Mishael Austin Witty says "Hi, Tammy. Just stopped by your portfolio - 132 blog entries? Wow! I've got some catching up to do! *Smile* Thanks for the invite. "

teihzbael says "Well, I am taking a look at your portfolio, and thought I would sign in here before I gave this piece a full review. I am not Texas bound, I am Texas born and have not moved out."

proverbsgal says "Hey Tammy! This is God's Pen Pal; thought I'd check out your portfolio, since I'm originally from Texas!"

Gayle ♪♪♪ says "Hi Sweetie you have some wonderfully well written pieces throughout your portfolio. I enjoyed reading! Will see you again soon. Blessings, Peace and Love, Grandma Gayle "

Chelsea & Agnes are way busy says "We just decided to say "ello" "

Patricia Gilliam says "Hi Tammy! Just wanted to say hi! I like your port from what I've seen of it so far. Smile"

Ms Kimmie says "Hi Tammy. *Smile* I saw the link to this "autograph book" and clicked it and here I am. Since I'm here I'll go wander around your port a while and see what's in there. *Bigsmile*"

reilly says "Hey Tammy! Just thought I'd drop by here after you reviewed... "

The Sea Siren says "Hey Tammy. Found your port through Just Jess. Can't wait to explore and look around!"

Chelsea & Agnes are way busy says "hola. just decied we'd come by and sign your guestbook. well, aidos! -Chelsea and Agnes"

Gayle ♪♪♪ says "Thank You So Much for Editing my piece Swimming With The Dolphins. I have edited it and added you as Editor. Your kind help is greatly appreciated with my pieces edited by you. Thank You again, Blessings, Peace, Grandma Gayle"

kat says "hi. i'm a newbie. signing the guestbook. bye."

kat says "how do you start a guestbook? "

GMakin says "I don't know who you are or what you do but here I raise a glass to you. Hello Tammy My names Sam, though GMakin's who I am."

Shatika A. Turner says "thanks for being nice to me..hope we can be friends"

Violet The Nun-MY POEMS R GONE says "Hi Tammy! My name is Anna, I love being apart of WDC meeting people who have compassion, such as yourself! Smile Happy New Year! I want to request someone get a merit badge.Keep up your encouragement!!Happy New Year! All Is Great In 08! ♥ Anna"

Vincent Gaines says ":)Styx(: was here"

Bellatrix says "Just a random "Hi!""

Robin Bateman NaNowWriMoing says "hey chica! how are you? "

Coolhand says "Greetings Tammy, Nice to make your acquaintance. Thanks for noticing one of my reviews. Coolhand "

Chris says "I really liked "Graveside Confessions." Chris"

kelleysft says "Hello Tammy, just looking around to see what you've got in here. Kelley"

C.S. McCormack says "Hey Tammy, thanks for saying you wanted to adopt me. I really appreciate it and love your port."

masseye75 says "Hi Tammy my name is Elizabeth. I like your portfolio. "

Rogue♥Sherri says "Hi there Tammy. I am in awe of the many wonderful things you do here. I admire your supportive and nurturing nature and hope to learn how I too can nurture and support others better. Take care and God bless. Maggie"

Ruth says "Hello,Tammy! You have a comprehensive portfolio here. Come over and read my guest book when you get a chance."


Mariah :) says "Hello! I'm Mariah! Here's my autograph! Just dropping by... feel free to sign my guestbook, too! :)"

SmilinSean says "Wow, looks like you have more supporters that George Bush had left when his term ended! So, hey, I'm new, I'm insane, and I'm here! See ya"

Ghostranch says "Hello Tammy, I enjoyed my visit to your port to select something to review for the Mod Blitz! ~Jess."

rjsimonson says "Stopped into your port and found this guest book so I thought I would say hello!"

Adriana Noir says "Hiya Tammy! I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful holiday season!"

COUNTRYMOM-JUST REMEMBER ME says "Hi Tammy! A great guestbook and you hae lots of friends and fans! It's a pleasure to come into your portfolio and read. Wishing you all the best in the years ahead! Countrymom"

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