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a survey for those that want to join the nanowrimo plus group
Welcome and thank you for your interest in my little group. National Novel Writing Month is a fun challenge and it helps to have the companionship of other writers when taking on such a word count endeavor. The group is designed for those that want to work on projects that are already started instead of starting with word one in November. However, anyone who wants to take part is welcome to join.
Multiple submissions allowed | (R) denotes a required field.
1.   There are many different options with this group. The decision isn't important, it is just a helpful hint to know your reason for joining the group. What is your goal?
        50k, starting with word one
        50k, on already started novel(s)
        25k, starting with word one
        25k, on already started novel(s)
2.   Do you want to join in monthly goals?
        Some months
        Just during nanowrimo
        no idea
3.   The point of NaNoWriMo is to just write and worry about any errors later. Don't let the inner editor get in the way. By clicking the box you promise to tie my inner editor up and stuff a sock in his/her mouth till December. (R)
      Check this box to agree with the above statement.
*Note* Disclaimer: The information submitted will be sent to Dawn Embers . Do not submit anything private or confidential.


Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/handler/first_in/1/item_id/1607994-Join-NaNoWriMo-Plus