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IF publication is your goal, please fill out all fields on the CTNW application.
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Before you go any further, please note We Require a Non-Refundable Application Fee of 500GPs.
Active Military, Veteran's, and First Responders will receive an immediate refund. *CountryUS*

Do not bring us your hobby writing or your contest entries.
If you do not intend to publish, you've wandered into the wrong place.

         In order to be considered for membership, applicants:
         *Bulletr*Must read " CTNW Policies
         *Bulletr*Must be 21 or older.
         *Bulletr*Must hold at least a Basic WDC membership.
         *Bulletr*WDC Membership must be at least 6 months old.
         *Bulletr*Must have their Port Intro and Biography filled out.
         *Bulletr*Must have at least 5 visible prose items posted in their ports.
         *Bulletr*Should have at least 1 Short Story written to submit for review by our Board of Three
         *Bulletr*Should have at least a rough idea of your novel and any chapters already written should be proofread
                   and grammar/spellchecked.
         *Bulletr*Must submit a link to their short story, prologue, or first chapter for a review AT: "Crosstimbers Review Forum
         *Bulletr*Must then edit and polish according to suggestions in said review.
         *Bulletr*Must have performed at least 5 in-depth PUBLIC reviews.

Preferred NW Members are or have been a student or member of following WDC group:

"WDC Writers University

If you meet ALL these criteria, please continue to fill out the application.
Otherwise, please return after all criteria are in order.
Thank you for your interest in the Novel Workshop.

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Workshop Links
Multiple submissions allowed | (R) denotes a required field.
1.   I have read, "CTNW Policies" in its entirety and I understand and agree to the CTNW Fee Schedule as well as what will be expected of me as an esteemed member of the Cross Timbers Novel Workshop. (R)
      Check this box to agree with the above statement.
2.   I have read and acknowledge the requirements, prerequisites, and suggestions for membership. (R)
        Please contact me about these conditions
3.   Are you Active Military, a Veteran, or a First Responder? (R)
        Yes, I am currently Active Military or a Veteran
        Yes, I am or have been a First Responder
4.   Your Username with no WritingML
This is your name as it appears in your WDC email address (R)
5.   Are you over 21? (R)
        Yes, I am over 21
        No, I am not over 21
6.   Item Type (R)
        First Draft
        Second Draft
        Full Re-Write
        Short Story
7.   Genre and 1 sentence story synopsis (R)
8.   Working Title (Please give full working title) (R)
9.   Please Type THE KEY Here (R)
10.   Please share username of person who recommended our group so we may thank them. (R)

11.   This survey requires the sending of Gift Points.
      Please include a non-refundable fee of 500 GPs with your application.

      You have 0 Gift Points.
      Gift Points to send:
      Confirm Gift Points:
      (Minimum: 100 / Maximum: 1,000,000)
Important: Gift Points included will be sent to "CTNW Group On Hiatus. Writing.Com will deduct a processing fee of 5%. Gift Points sent via this form are non-refundable.
*Note* Disclaimer: The information submitted will be sent to A Christmas Carol St.Ann . Do not submit anything private or confidential.


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