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B-Day Limericks Contest Header

The task is simple. Write a limerick!1

The rules are just as easy...

1.  In honor of our 12th birthday, your limerick must include the words "one" and "two".

NOTE: Your limerick does NOT have to be about Writing.Com, writing, or birthdays... but it must include the word "one" AND the word "two" in the poem or it will be disqualified. Actually, we prefer that your limerick be about something other than Writing.Com, writing or birthdays. We've had plenty of those. We want something NEW.

2.  You may only submit ONE limerick, so make it good!

3.  The rating must stay at ASR or E.

4.  Make it a good one! We'll breeze right by the cliche, typical limericks, so BE CREATIVE. Hint: we are fans of clever and funny.

5.  You may include no more than 3 verses in your submission.

6.  Please submit your limerick in the space provided below by either entering your text or bitem link.

7.  This contest runs from September 1st through September 7th at 11:59pm (WdC Time). Winners will be announced shortly thereafter in "Site News & Announcements.

*Dollar* The prizes are:

First Prize
         250,000 Gift Points
Second Prize
         100,000 Gift Points
Third Prize
         50,000 Gift Points

In addition to Gift Points: each winner will receive an official Writing.Com Birthday Merit Badge:


Streamer line

Good Luck!

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1  A fixed light-verse form of five generally anapestic lines rhyming AABBA.- from http://www.poetryfoundation.org/learning/glossary-term.html?term=Limerick

(R) denotes a required field.
1.   Send us your ultra-creative, took more than one minute to come up with, going to win this contest limerick! *Smile* (R)
*Note* Disclaimer: The information submitted will be sent to The StoryMistress . Do not submit anything private or confidential.


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