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What are *your* goals for the new year? Think it over, write a letter and win big prizes!
This Contest Is Closed...

*Right*   February's contest is: "Journey Through Genres: Official Contest

54 entries were submitted. Each entry was judged based on the criteria provided in "Dear Me: Official WDC Contest. Congratulations to the following three winners:

*Star* First: "Dear Me, Here we go into 2018"   by IntueyCongratsNewBlues&Yellows
*Bullet* Second: "Dear Adrie-Me"   by Whata Dude, Steffie, RIP
*Bullet* Third: "Dear Me 2018"   by 🌜 HuntersMoon

Do you have big plans for yourself this year? Will you finally finish that story that's been haunting you for so long? Will you try your hand at a brand new genre? Do you want to read and review a certain number of items by April? Will you take that first step toward self-publishing your latest masterpiece? Set some goals and resolutions for the new year and you could win big prizes!

The rules are simple: write a letter to yourself and tell you what your goals are for 2018!

Entries will be judged on:
*Bullet* Creativity: Be creative with your letter; it's to your benefit! You should be able to look back at your goals throughout the year and become instantly inspired by your own creative words of wisdom and encouragement.
*Bullet* Believability: Don't just throw your goals into a mindless list with no explanations or encouragement. Be sincere with yourself; this is you you're talking to!
*Bullet* Feasibility: Your goals should be achievable ones and to the point. Don't just tell yourself that you want to "read more" or "write more". Set some real goals with real achievable numbers and dates; give yourself something concrete to work toward!
*Bullet* Spelling/Grammar: We will absolutely be checking for spelling and grammar mistakes. If you're not one for spell checking or editing your first drafts, maybe you should add that into your letter to yourself for the new year. Wink

Your letter must be:
*Bullet* Started with "Dear Me,": Since you are the recipient of your letter, it must begin with the words "Dear Me,".
*Bullet* A Static Item: Create your letter as a Static Item and keep it in your portfolio. Send us the item ID number of the item you wish to submit using this survey form. Even if you don't win this contest, you now have a point of reference for yourself for the rest of 2018!
*Bullet* 2000 words or less: Word count must be provided in the body of the item or your entry will be disqualified.
*Bullet* Rated 13+ or lower: The contents of your letter must fall at or below a rating of 13+.
*Bullet* Submitted One Time Only: You may only enter this contest using one letter, so make it a good one!
*Bullet* Edited Only Until the Deadline: Entries edited after the submission deadline may be disqualified from winning without notice.

*Dollar* The prizes are:
         First Prize
                   $100.00 in Writing.Com Gift Points
         Second Prize
                   $50.00 in Writing.Com Gift Points
         Third Prize
                   $25.00 in Writing.Com Gift Points

The submission deadline is: 11:59 PM EST, January 31, 2018
The results will be posted: on or around February 21, 2018

*Note5* Paid Membership Required: In order to be eligible to enter and win this contest, contestant must have a paid membership (Basic and above). Paid membership expiration dates must fall after the submission deadline. You may need to renew your membership to be eligible. The free Premium membership trial does not count as a paid membership and does not meet the requirements for eligibility.

Judges are: Lonewolf , River , and amy-Very Very Busy

Each judge will submit a scoring for qualifying entries to the contest. In the event a judge can not complete the judging, their scores will not be used, and at our discretion, a judging substitution may be used. In the event of a tie, staff will render the tie-breaking decision.

Questions regarding the contest should be emailed to: Jeff

Anything submitted that does not meet these requirements will be disregarded for the contest, but you're more than welcome to write them for yourself anyway!

(R) denotes a required field.
1.   Using the {b-item:} format, please provide the Item ID number of the Static Item that you would like to submit. (R)
2.   Did this contest inspire you for the new year ahead?
3.   I understand that in order to enter this contest and be eligible to win, I must have a paid membership of Basic or higher through the end of the contest round. (R)
      Check this box to agree with the above statement.
4.   I have read the rules carefully and understand that if my entry doesn't follow these rules, it may be disqualified. (R)
      Check this box to agree with the above statement.
*Note* Disclaimer: The information submitted will be sent to The StoryMistress . Do not submit anything private or confidential.


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