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Children's Writer Group Survey

The following questions will help us get to know you and your writing interests, and what you expect to get from and give to the Children’s Writer Group. There are no “right” or “wrong” answers – but only honest answers will help us improve the group and grow together as children’s writers.

This survey was originally given to our standing list of group members, but has been extended as a pre-admittance survey for new group members. Don't worry about the "what would you change" question if you are filling out the survey as a request to join. *Smile*

Multiple submissions allowed | (R) denotes a required field.
1.   What is your primary writing interest? (R)
        I like to write for young children, ages 0-6.
        I like to write for children of all ages.
        I like to write for school-aged children, 6-12.
        I just like to write, and thought I'd try writing for children.
        I like to write about children.
        I like to write stories/articles for parents.
        I prefer to write for adults.
2.   How well do you know your audience? (R)
        I'm a parent, and at least one of my kids can read.
        I have lots of young relatives (grandkids, nieces, nephews, cousins).
        I'm a teacher or librarian.
        I'm a parent who is also a teacher or librarian.
        I'm work with kids, but am not a teacher or librarian.
        I was a kid, once upon a time...
        I'm still a kid!
3.   How experienced are you in the field of Children's Writing? (R)
        Strictly amateur - I just want to give this a try!
        I've written stories for children I know, but haven't published them.
        I've published some children's stories/poems online.
        I've published some children's stories/poems in print.
        I've written and published books for children.
4.   I want to be a member of the Children's Writer Group because: (R)
5.   Do you believe that members should be required to review other members' work? (R)
        Yes. But only 1-2 reviews per week.
        Yes, but not more than 3-4 reviews per week.
        No, but it should be encouraged.
        No, it should not be required.
        It should only be required of members who ASK for reviews.
6.   The Children's Writer Group produces a newsletter. Would you like to help with that? (R)
        I'd like to edit an issue at least twice a year.
        I'd like to contribute original articles on writing for children.
        I'd like to contribute stories or poems.
        I'd like to help out in any way I can!
        Oh, please, not another newsletter!
        I have some other ideas [I'll email them to the group leader]!
        Sounds interesting. I'd read it, but I don't want to help.
7.   Would you enjoy members-only writing challenges? (R)
        Yes, especially if there are prizes involved!
        Yes, prompts and challenges motivate me to write.
        No, I think they're silly.
        Maybe, but I probably wouldn't enter every time.
8.   Would you be interested in market listings or guidelines for publishers who accept children's literature? (R)
        Only if it's really unique or up-to-date.
        Isn't that what books like Writer's Market are for?
        No, I don't want to publish my work at all.
9.   Provide a link to one of the best examples of your writing for children: (R)
10.   What suggestions do you have for the Children's Writer Group? What programs/activities would you like to see implemented? What would you change about the group (if anything)? - [Don't worry about answering this question if you are filling out this survey as a request to join the group]
*Note* Disclaimer: The information submitted will be sent to RedWritingHood♡WDC . Do not submit anything private or confidential.


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