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Got a tip to share about writing? Share it here, and read hints from other authors!
Hi everyone! *Bigsmile*

Everyone has their own personal thoughts, habits, and experiences that aid in their writing. And each person's know-how is unique.

I've created this item to give us all a place to share our thoughts, and help with any and all inspiring writers. Please share your tips here, and come back often to see any new ideas that others have posted!

This item is rated E, so please keep all posts clean and respectful of everyone.

Thanks and enjoy!

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""When you write, write from your "heart." Feel the expression as a warm exhalation from your heart center. You are blowing a loving kiss out to the world!" "
-- Nowness

"Avoid passive verbs, such as state-of-being verbs(am, is, are, was, were, be, being, been) e.g. "I am writing stories in my free time." is less interesting than "I write stories in my free time.""

"My most important rule: ALWAYS carry a notebook around and a pencil. Everyone knows that I'm serious because I hardly ever leave home without it. Ideas are crafty creatures. Write down things that inspire you!"

"Always write for your reader. Sometimes that reader will be only yourself, so you can write what's in your heart and not worry about anyone else's opinion. But if you are trying to reach others, then it's their hearts you need to be thinking about."
-- dvt

"If you can't do your writing project, then do a writing promt. If you can't do a promt then read anything you can get your hands on."

"The NUMBER ONE TIP that all writers should know is this: Write something every day. If you do not write every day then you will not be a writer. You are what you do."

"Writing is easy. You just put a clean sheet of paper in your typewriter and wait until beads of blood pop out on your forehead-Dorothy Parker(Or Mary McCarthy)"

"Contrary to what others(Wolfedale) might believe, I say NEVER come up with the ending, rather, start at the beginning and just let your story come to life before your eyes. You plot and characters will show themselves to you along the way."

""Don't be intimidated by the thoughts and opinions of others. Write by inspiration." "
-- serena

"Writing short sentences are good for creating tension. For example: "I hate you!" snapped Carla. "I'm sorry," said Paul. "No, you're not!" "I didn't mean it." Set a pace for your characters. "
-- MDuci

"Read, Reread, and read again. To perfect a piece, read it out load to yourself and see if anything feels loose or out of place."
-- Theday

"Spell check. Even if your story isn't perfect, people won't be able to say your spelling is bad."
-- Theday

"Try new genres. Expanding your horizons into new genres will challenge you think of new stories and you might even be good at Romance, or Horror, or..."
-- Theday

"Review. Read other people's stuff and see what works and what doesn't. "
-- Theday

"Practice all the time. One good way to practice writing is to add to interactive stories. Chapters don't have to massive and you can try new subjects and get your name out there."
-- Theday

"Even if you think your work is perfect, at least consider others' views. They are your readers after all."

"Carry a pad and paper with you at all times. You never know when a movie, song, or conversation will spark an idea."

"Write every day, no matter what. Keeping in the habit will keep the ideas and words flowing!"

"Use the tips of your fingers when typing. Typing with nose, toes, or a pencil is fine for those who must do so of necessity, but for the typical writer it is seldom more than an ostentatious display."

"Write about something that interests you. If you aren't interested, your readers won't be either. "
-- Diane

"As you're reading, pay attention to the parts that you really enjoy, and analyze what made those parts work. Incorporate those elements into your writing. The same applies in reverse for parts that you didn't like."

"Come up with the ending first, nothing helps a story along like knowing where its headed. Also write down every single idea you get through the day and add them to your story so that you'll never lose cool ideas and valuable material. "

"Respect others' reviews and edit your writing piece according to the suggestions given by others."
-- ferheen

"Just keep writing! *Bigsmile* Nothing improves your writing more, than practice, practice, practice! I know it's generic advice, but it's true."

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