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What fine trouble can we get into today? Join in ramblings of two (or more) busy hobbits!
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- What have you to say for yourself? This is to encourage more of you to just stop by. Just a place to leave your thoughts. The more hobbit-like, the better!

Can you chatter away the day like Merridoc Brandybuck and his pal, Peregrin Took? Farmer Maggot is sure to be about as well, but don't let that stop you!

Just keep it clean, there may be wee hairy-toes about as well! (Or wandering wizards, taking offense and showing you the bottom of the nearest well!)

: Walkinbird
: 12-29-05 @ 7:15pm
: I'll bring the bag for gatherin' mushrooms....

: Lobelia is truly blessed
: 12-30-05 @ 9:10am
: What time is tea? Have I missed second breakfast?

: Walkinbird
: 12-31-05 @ 8:01pm
: Oh, no, no, not at all - there's something here in me vest pocket. Birthday cake this evening at elevenses too!

: Goldie
: 01-01-06 @ 3:04pm
: Excuse me I appear to be lost

: Walkinbird
: 01-01-06 @ 11:42pm
: Some uns been at the 'Ol Gaffer's brew for sure...

: Walkinbird
: 01-02-06 @ 12:25am
: Trees make me nervous, Pip. Ever since that time 'a waitin' on Treebeard. We best be givin' this feller a wide berth.

: Lobelia is truly blessed
: 01-02-06 @ 7:41am
: Do you think old Treebeard would mind a bit o' holiday tinsel to brighten him up a bit? Sure beats that moss! And he could do a right fine rum-pum-pum-pum in the background if we sind {i}Little Drummer Boy{/i}.

: Lobelia is truly blessed
: 01-02-06 @ 7:44am
: Heavens! It appears that there are no ML tags on Maggot's Farm. And I thought we was in civilized places and all! Still, it's nice to know I don't have to know how to spell. Feels like home, if you know what I mean.

: Walkinbird
: 01-02-06 @ 8:36pm
: Stop frettin' so o'er the ambience! The food, we're here for the food, man! Dig!

: Carmen
: 01-06-06 @ 6:04pm
: Merry, I'm hungry!

: Carmen
: 01-06-06 @ 6:08pm
: This salted pork sure is good!

: Lobelia is truly blessed
: 01-07-06 @ 8:08am
: So... how about a song, mates? I haven't danced on a table in ever so long!

: Walkinbird
: 01-08-06 @ 12:56am
: Ay, it's a sad day in the Shire...I could swear I just heard 'Ol Bilbo Baggins a whisperin' to us from the West.

: Walkinbird
: 01-08-06 @ 12:59am
: I do think he lived a ways more years than any hobbit should. *whispers, Crazy Talk* A'well, how's bout a pint and that song, Pip?

: Walkinbird
: 01-08-06 @ 1:33am
: Umm. Wait. Elvess is in the house! Ahem, *nudges* That werent be the salted pork, lad...I think it's the dog food!

: Lobelia is truly blessed
: 01-08-06 @ 5:31pm
: So, am I just to be ignored, then? {u}No one{/u} has a song? Aw, come on.... I need a little enertainment with my supper!

: Walkinbird
: 01-13-06 @ 7:47am
: Oh, now its entertainin' you're want'n? I'll sing as it comes to me. I think I'll have to drink quite a bit more, first!

: pen&paper
: 01-13-06 @ 12:46pm
: What's your poison, ol' Daniels Jack got everything you need.

: Walkinbird
: 01-18-06 @ 6:16am
: Wheee! *just thinking after climbing onto the hefty low branch of this odd tree, maybe singin would've been better BEFORE drinkin so much!* Nah!

: Walkinbird
: 03-03-06 @ 8:05am
: I must've passed out! Where'd ever'un go?

: Lobelia is truly blessed
: 03-04-06 @ 9:42am
: Uh...I've been in the larder.... pondering, y'know. And eating. And drinking.

: Walkinbird
: 04-23-06 @ 4:49pm
: Gawd! I knew I shouldn't have woke early from the slumber after Solstice. I've been asleep in the forest for two moons! Time to eat!

: The Knight Has Found Romance
: 11-08-06 @ 10:10am
: And we've all slumbered too long - what about Elevenses?

: Walkinbird
: 11-09-06 @ 4:01am
: I'll set the tea kettle. But I'm either sending one of you to the farmhouse windowsill for pie, or it's Tato-mushroom hash.

: The Knight Has Found Romance
: 11-10-06 @ 11:11am
: PIE, PIE, PIE!!! And coffee?

: Lobelia is truly blessed
: 11-10-06 @ 9:29pm
: Coffee? Since when do hobbits drink coffee????? It's ale or nuthin'!

: The Knight Has Found Romance
: 11-11-06 @ 11:22pm
: Now, now, you're neglecting tea! And a good boel of Longbottom leaf, for afters...

: Walkinbird
: 11-23-06 @ 3:00am
: This tea brewin is taking too long! And I thought the Gaffer's ol brew was long in the wait...

: Arwen9
: 05-13-07 @ 11:21pm
: Longbottom leaf and mushrooms, ah, that's the life!

: Walkinbird
: 05-14-07 @ 1:44am
: Let me sit and dust off me toes. Where's the pipe? I hope I'dinna leave it back down the road

: Arwen9
: 05-15-07 @ 9:04pm
: Well, go there and back again.

: Queen Vixie's Bard
: 05-19-07 @ 6:00pm
: Ah! This tea is wonderful; a shame that it takes so long to brew eh?

: Kenneth Reuel
: 05-22-07 @ 1:43am
: The road goes ever on and on, Down from the door where it begins...

: Walkinbird
: 05-24-07 @ 1:00am
: It's more a shame dat no one's being hospitable enough to pluck the kettle outta there fire and serve the tea!

: Lobelia is truly blessed
: 05-24-07 @ 6:48am
: Chicken?

: Aero
: 05-24-07 @ 8:17pm
: Greetings to all! Just came in from tending the spring berry crop. It will be making some fine wine before long. Time to read a little of the new one - "The Children of Hurin" - just got my copy.

: Arwen9
: 06-08-07 @ 1:11am
: Whatcha' reading for? You getting too high-minded for us simple hobbits, eh? :)

: Lobelia is truly blessed
: 06-08-07 @ 6:51am
: Them elven-folk, now- it's excitin' to read about 'em. I miss them....

: Walkinbird
: 06-13-07 @ 10:33am
: *Slurp* My ol' Brambletorn cousins dat farm by the Buck' River 'em has a almanac a thing to read ever'day!

: Lobelia is truly blessed
: 09-05-08 @ 6:35am
: Now don't you go bad-mouthin' reading. Mr. Biblo wrote a real page-turner, he did, and Mr. Frodo put a whole bunch of stuff that your wooley head couldn't even imagine. It'd do y' some good to do some reading in THAT book, mind!

: Lobelia is truly blessed
: 09-05-08 @ 6:36am
: ...and don't go sayin' nothin' about my spelling, neither. I meant "Bilbo" and you know it!

: Walkinbird
: 06-07-09 @ 1:58am
: So, I hear Mayor Gamgee's family's grown by another two. That be quite a number of toes to comb in Bag End now.

: Lobelia is truly blessed
: 06-08-09 @ 7:18am
: Ah, you know how a gardener loves to plant his seeds!

: Walkinbird
: 01-04-10 @ 2:51am
: Aye, an there's a double meaning that went o'er my head and dinna smack me back o'da head for two seasons. The brew is strong!

: Walkinbird
: 01-28-12 @ 12:03am
: Feeling philos- phil-a-soph, um, wizard-like...perhaps we've all traveled to the West and dunno it?

: Walkinbird
: 06-01-14 @ 1:00am
: Anyone new found their courage?

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