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SEP 2023 CONTEST: Word Searches! Now OPEN for SEPT!
Welcome to: THE BEST OF THE REST at the Bee Hive

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There's so much more to WRITING.COM than just writing stories, novels, & poems. There are many interactive features for members to enjoy. Some of these include:

CNOTE Collections
Word Searches

*Exclaim* THE RULES *Exclaim*

#1 - The Contest is now officially open! From 8 SEP 23 and will end officially at Midnight WDC Time on 30 SEP 2023.

#2 - SEP is the month for WORD SEARCHES. Submit a Word Search from your Portfolio.

#3 - This can be any Word Search from your Portfolio. It does not need to be created for this month's contest. Just place the bitem number below and you're entered! In the "Forum Request," tell me what your Word Search is about.

#4 - It can already have an Awardicon.


Judging will be conducted between 1-10 OCT. If the judging is finished before then, then winners will be announced as soon as judging is complete.

If you would like to sign on to be a JUDGE for the SEP 23 CONTEST send me an email and let me know. All judges will receive a JUDGING MB from me for Judging.

StephBee celebrating 23!
Princess Megan Rose
Lilli 🧿 ☕ 🎗️


Anyone who donates 50K or more will receive a merit badge of my choice.

Anyone who donates 90K or more twill receive a Bard's Hall Town Crier's Exclusive MB and 1/2 the proceeds will go to support that contest.

You can send GP's to the following Group:
Steph Bee's Bee Hive  (E)
Steph Bee's Home for Busy Bees and the Honey Pot
#1134558 by StephBee celebrating 23!
} .


*Balloon2* *Balloon2*


Winners receive:
1st Place 50K Awardicon
2nd Place 25K Awardicon
3rd Place 10K Awardicon

NOTE: For FULL prizes to be awarded, there need to be a minimum of 7 entries for the month. If there are less than entries, only 1st or 1st and 2nd place will be award at the host's discretion.

*Gift2* *Gift2* *Gift2* WINNERS FOR THE SEP 2023 CONTEST WILL BE ANNOUNCED HERE*Gift2* *Gift2* *Gift2*

*Balloon2* *Balloon2*


**Best of the Rest was an active contest for several years before real life got in the way and demands on my time were just too much for me to keep it active. As I work to build my Bee Hive community, I'm opening my In & Out Back up. Thanks so much for supporting the Best of the Rest at the Bee Hive!

You can view previous Best of the Rest contest winners here:

 Best of the Rest Contest Winners  (E)
Previous contest winners for Best of the Rest.
#1301297 by StephBee celebrating 23!
Posted by: Intuey-Moving
WdC Find The Words Search

Word Search
Item: WdC Find the Words Search     (E)
Genre(s): Activity :: Community :: Writing.Com
Description: Can you find the words pertaining to WdC?

Posted by: Amethyst Angel
Just a little something I made to fulfill a requirement for one of the WdC birthday celebrations. I don't expect to win anything :)

Word Search
Item: WDC 23rd Birthday word search     (E)
Genre(s): Community :: Other :: Other
Description: Celebrating our favorite writing haven

Posted by: Blueyez ৎ୭
Explore WDC

Word Search
Item: The Creative World Of WDC     (E)
Genre(s): Activity :: Writing.Com :: Writing
Description: What can YOU create on WDC?

Posted by: Innerlight prays for peace.
My Word Search is called "Begins with A" extremely hard words that begin with A.

Word Search
Item: WORD SEARCH     (E)
Genre(s): Activity :: Self Help :: Other
Description: BEGINS WITH A

Posted by: AmyJo-optimistic for Fall
Words are Power

Word Search
Item: Words for Story Tellers     (E)
Genre(s): Entertainment :: Writing :: Educational
Description: different words for a story

Posted by: Lornda
Setting the table for tea!

Word Search
Item: Your Cup of Tea Awaits     (E)
Genre(s): Food/Cooking :: Friendship :: Community
Description: Find the goodies you'll need for a cup of hot tea

Posted by: It Was buddhangela All Along
Word Search from Valentine's Poem: Love Makes Us Strong

Word Search
Item: Love Makes Us Strong     (ASR)
Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Holiday :: Activity
Description: Poem/Word Search

Posted by: Dave Ryan
Terms for words based on grammatical function

Word Search
Item: Type-of-word search     (E)
Genre(s): Activity :: Other :: Other
Description: A word search for grammar nuts

Posted by: 🌻 pwheeler away for a while
Ninja Monkeys and Valentine's Day

Word Search
Item: Monkey Love Word Search     (ASR)
Genre(s): Holiday :: Romance/Love :: Emotional
Description: Word search puzzle fun - with prizes (for a limited time)!

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