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Rated: 13+ · Group · Reviewing · #1142497
A group for those dedicated to writing and reviewing speculative fiction.
The WYRM group banner.

How does that phrase go? Was it like this? It's not the size of the WYRM in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the WYRM. Well, how about we just tell you that it's not the size of this group that should be important to you. It isn't about the quantity of us; it's the quality. And don't forget, we want you.

Now, that may make us sound egotistical, but consider a peer reviewing group that has been active for ten years on this, an all-skill-levels writing site. Consider that we have been serious about our writing and the critiques we give for that long. And consider what you could bring to that group. We are WYRM, we are that group, and this is what we do.

WYRM has an application process which we use to evaluate prospective members. As you will see, it is based mainly on your reviewing skills, and ability to demonstrate your passion for your work, and your honesty about the work of others. Once accepted, you enter into the process of becoming a Full Member. Membership is based upon reviewing. That's what we mean by 'active'.

Here are the three main things a WYRM member experiences:

A WYRM reviews a fellow WYRM's speculative fiction.
*Penr* From your first full week of membership, you will be expected to turn in an average of one review a week, unless we're on spring break, winter break, or you've made Full Member and choose to go on a five-week "Excursion." Your reviews will need to be of novels on a chapter-by-chapter basis and short stories on a story-by-story basis. You will choose your items to review from the list of WYRM members' items on our members-restricted review board.

A WYRM gets reviews on their speculative fiction from fellow WYRMs.
*Penv* If you make it through your first two weeks as a WYRM (And you should! You're already a WYRM by then!), you will get to put an item up on our review board. This item will need to be a novel(la), short story, or a collection of short stories. Other WYRMs will then be let loose to review said item on a chapter-by-chapter or story-by-story basis. Access to the review board, like we said, is restricted to WYRM members only.

A Full Member WYRM has the option of going on Excursion.
*Peng* If you make it through six weeks of being a WYRM (SuperWYRM!), you will gain the magical label of Full Member. We used to give out capes, but no one was getting anything done because they were too busy finding the perfect personal wind. As a Full Member, you can go on a Excursion for up to five weeks whenever it befits you. Your item won't receive WYRM reviews, but you won't be required to turn in reviews, either. You'll be free to focus on personal projects of the writing and/or life kind.

[ Becoming a WYRM]

WYRM, apply thyself. The application process has two steps. You remember those lessons in school that taught you the hard way to read all directions before beginning a task? Have a flashback to that about now.

Step the First: We need you to lay your reviewing skills out for us. The root purpose of this group is to trade quality, in-depth reviews of our speculative fiction works. Visit "Application Review Forum and read through it carefully.

Step the Second: Go ahead and read the "Application Form, but do not attempt to complete this step until you have done Step the First. Well, of course! you say. Many have screwed this up, we reply.

We usually get back to applicants in a couple of days. We think our record for longest response time was five days? Maybe? If you are not accepted, you will get a friendly email telling you so. If you also checked a certain box in the Application Form (go read it!), you'll get some feedback from us concerning your application review. If you are accepted, you will be added to the group, which will hook you up with a welcome letter containing what you need to get started.

WYRMs are of three membership levels:

Application Period Member  Otherwise known as Level One, you will spend two weeks here. We want you to focus on getting to know the group and doing your weekly reviews, so you will not yet have an item of your own posted to the review board.

Probationary Member  You get to have an item up for review on our WYRM-exclusive review board. Don't forget to turn in your weekly reviews, and you're on your way to the next level in four weeks.

Full Member  Now you're completely WYRMified. You get to edit WYRM pages, as well as choose to go on excursion. All this power is why you go through the process of being an Application Period Member and a Probationary Member. We'd really like to get to know you before we hand you a keys to the kingdom and all that.

[ Other Stuff We Do ]

We run contests and activities on WdC when the mood suits us and schedules permit, but every year—every year—we do the Gauntlet. You should be running the Gauntlet every year too, whether as a WYRM behind the scenes or as a contestant.

The Gauntlet has its own website here  , but if external links scare you, don't fret. "WYRM's Gauntlet is the WdC page where you can find out more about this awesome four-round contest before committing to a frightening external link. PS, cash prizes and WYRM reviews.

[ Donations ]

The handles you see listed below are WdC member links. Please give these generous donors some love. They make it possible for us to reward public reviews as well as fund other projects. If you would like to make a donation, you can send it in a review to this item or to group # 1142497

The Image Bucket (closed) - 390,800 *Dragon2* "Longswords, Lasers, & Literature: CLOSED [13+] - 248,969 *Dragon2* Dark Lady - 134,678 *Dragon2* Lukewarm - 38,000 *Dragon2* Arwee - 410,000 *Dragon2* Raine - 10,000 *Dragon2* Lynn McKenzie - 68,000 *Dragon2* badvoudou - 34,000 *Dragon2* - 2,600 *Dragon2* GabriellaR45 - 50,000 *Dragon2* Reader? Check out 2233315 - 25,000 *Dragon2* Satuawany - 101,010 *Dragon2* Schezar - 172,500 *Dragon2* Stargopher - 120,000 *Dragon2* Annette - 5,000 *Dragon2* Asymmetrical - 20,952 *Dragon2* Jace - 10,000 *Dragon2* aszreal - 28,500 *Dragon2* Natalie - 1,900 *Dragon2* Lorien - 950 *Dragon2* Rogue♥Sherri - 100,000 *Dragon2* Jay (away for a while) - 100,000 *Dragon2* Jeff | R.I.P. Mom - 100,000 *Dragon2* ozhan - 5,000 *Dragon2* Riot - 150,000 *Dragon2* l.a.p - 30,000 *Dragon2* iguanamountain - 80,000 *Dragon2* Sally - 15,000 *Dragon2* Jackie Snax - 10 *Dragon2* Anonymous - 227,761

Why are you still here? Go. Go check out the application process and pick out a story on that list in the "Application Review Forum to review. If you have any questions, feel free to email any of the members listed below. Or you can make a post in this forum:

Talk to the WYRMs  (18+)
A place for visitors to ask questions or leave notes.
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