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A group for those dedicated to writing and reviewing speculative fiction.
The WYRM group banner.

WYRM is a peer-review group for those with a passion for writing speculative fiction and in-depth reviews. You probably got that from the group's item description. Or the byline in our header image. We're just trying to see if we can make ourselves tired of it before we commit to having T-shirts made.

What kind(s) of "speculative fiction" do WYRMs write and review?

What do WYRMs mean by "in-depth reviews"?

Who are the WYRMs?

[ What We Offer WYRMs ]

WYRM-restricted access – You'll be able to choose to put your items on a restricted access that makes them viewable only to group members. Any reviews done of items on restricted access remain private, even if the reviewer clicks the option to make their review public.

"The Rundown"* – The review forum. This is where you post the items you want to have reviewed. Items for review are usually a book item containing a novel/la/ette, a static item with links to various novel/la/ettes and/or short stories, or a folder containing various novel/la/ettes and/or short stories. This is also where you choose pieces by WYRMs to review and then turn in your reviews.
         Breaks: We're required to write an average of one review a week. That means we can do extra reviews and "save" those reviews to "count" for other weeks. We also have a week-long spring break, a two-week winter break, and the option of going on Excursion.

"Wriggle Room"* – WYRM's general discussion forum, where you can ask questions and start conversations. In addition to free-for-all discussion, quipping, and shenanigans at any time, we make a post every Monday inviting everyone to share updates on whatever aspects of their life and writing they're willing to share. Replying to these posts is completely optional.

"Beta Room"* – The forum where we go to ask for help with specific writing projects. This is where you post a few paragraphs you're having trouble with, ask others to help you hone a characterization or streamline your plot idea, etc.

"WYRM Writerly Resources"* – Links to helpful articles, videos, and other resources that help with various elements of writing.
* Accessible only by members of WYRM.

[ What We Offer Outside WYRM ]

"Talk to the WYRMs – This is our public forum, where you can ask us questions, tell us about great WdC speculative fiction reads you've found, and point us toward in-depth reviewers. You'll find an informative Q&A linked here, as well as short member bios. Any GPs sent via a post in this forum go to the group fund and count as a donation, which earns you our eternal gratitude! We would also love for you to use the forum to just say hi. Hi!

Review Rewards – When we get a little time, we reward in-depth public reviews through the Public Reviews   page. We look for thoughtful reviews of all genres and types of pieces.

WYRM's Gauntlet   – A four-round contest that runs most years during the fall. The prizes are in the form of cash and WYRM-quality reviews.

Other Activities – When the mood moves us, we run other activities, contests, and peeks behind the curtain. In the past we've done scavenger hunts, offered reviews, and awarded our exclusive Merit Badge in exchange for great reviews. Such activities will be advertised in Talk to the WYRMs, linked above, and in the Newsfeed via the WYRM portfolio.

[ Coming to the WYRMside ]

WYRM, apply thyself. You remember those lessons in school that taught you the hard way to read all directions before beginning a task? Have a flashback to that about now.

Read over the "Application Form and then go through its steps—all of them, including the ones about where to go if you have questions or need extra help. We are very friendly to newbies, so please follow the steps for extra help even if "extra help" is related to how to manipulate the Writing.com website in order to apply to WYRM.

We usually get back to applicants in a couple of days. We think our record for longest response time was five days. If you are not accepted, you will get a friendly email telling you so. If you also checked a certain box in the Application Form (go read it!), you'll get some feedback from us concerning your application review. If you are accepted, you will be added to the group, which will hook you up with a welcome letter containing what you need to get started.

You begin WYRMlife as a Probationary Member, and will remain so for four weeks. You become a Full Member so long as you keep up with reviews and make an effort to get to know the group during those four weeks. Full Members have edit access to WYRM pages, they have official votes on WYRM matters, and they have the option of going on Excursion. All this power is why you go through the process of Probationary Member status. We'd really like to get to know you before we hand you a keys to the kingdom and all that.

[ Donations ]

The handles you see listed below are WdC member links. Please give these generous donors some love. They make it possible for us to reward public reviews as well as fund other projects. If you would like to make a donation, you can send it in a review to this item, in a post in "Talk to the WYRMs, or to group # 1142497

"RAOK Upgrade Brigade Group [E] - 500,000 *Bullet* "The Simple Fundraiser [E] - 229,000 *Bullet* The Image Bucket (closed) - 390,800 *Bullet* "Longswords, Lasers, & Literature: CLOSED [13+] - 248,969 *Bullet* Dark Lady - 134,678 *Bullet* Lukewarm - 38,000 *Bullet* Arwee - 410,000 *Bullet* Raine - 10,000 *Bullet* Lynn McKenzie - 68,000 *Bullet* badvoudou - 34,000 *Bullet* - 2,600 *Bullet* GabriellaR45 - 50,000 *Bullet* Brooklyn - 25,000 *Bullet* Satuawany - 101,010 *Bullet* Schezar - 172,500 *Bullet* Stargopher - 120,000 *Bullet* Annette - 5,000 *Bullet* asymmetrical - 20,952 *Bullet* Jace - 10,000 *Bullet* aszreal - 28,500 *Bullet* Natalie - 1,900 *Bullet* Lorien - 950 *Bullet* Rogue♥Sherri - 100,000 *Bullet* Jay's debut novel is out now! - 100,000 *Bullet* Jeff - 100,000 *Bullet* ozhan - 5,000 *Bullet* Riot - 150,000 *Bullet* l.a.p - 30,000 *Bullet* iguanamountain - 481,000 *Bullet* Sally - 15,000 *Bullet* Jackie Snax - 10 *Bullet* Anonymous - 227,761

  Group Members:  8 Members

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WYRM -- WYRM's House
Tobber -- Full Member
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Una Ciudad de la Inglaterra -- Full Member
Roseille ♥ -- Full Member
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