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Drop in, stay a while and when you leave let me know where you are from!
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So now that you have ventured into my world please let me know what you think. Nothing rude or obscene will be tolerated. If you ask for a review I might be able to venture into your world for a bit...that is if my sanity will last! *Smile*

So sign the book and let me know and those that read it which part of the world are you from??


: Walkinbird @ 09-20-19 @ 7:16pm
I am native Californian, and in this day and age, being part of the U.S. is a bit of a shame. I have a strong European ancestry, and a bit of an Anglophile reading British classics and watching lots of BBC.

: Pora @ 11-06-13 @ 4:54am
Yebo Princess! I am in Zululand, South Africa. Ngibonga Kakhulu (thank you in Zulu)

: Reine Renault @ 02-25-11 @ 1:52pm
Hello from Ohio. Waiting for the spring thaw to begin!!

: Robin @ 11-09-10 @ 3:48pm
i am USA and a green packers fan.

: purplegirl @ 10-22-10 @ 12:27am
HI!!!! Born and raised in Georgia!

: Duchess Laughing Lemurs @ 08-13-10 @ 12:26pm
Hey all! I'm currently from Toadsuck, Arkansas. Yes, that's actually a real place. We have our own water tower. But I spent most of my life in and around Baltimore, Maryland.

: L. D. Dailey @ 05-28-10 @ 11:31pm
Hi; born in Georgia (the state, not the country), raised in Virginia! *Wink* ~Lee

: Dad @ 05-25-09 @ 1:14pm
Born and raised in No Indiana, lived for a few years in No PA & married an Upstate New Yorker for 24 years now (I was a child bride: I'm 30) (OK, I wasn't a child bride. I'm 49) I've lived in Bunnell, FL for 23 years

: keetao @ 04-16-08 @ 11:08am
I'm Irish but live in Uttaradit which is a long way from Ireland. See if you can find out what country i'm in!

: dblameck (David) @ 12-30-07 @ 8:27pm
As I bow before your majesty I present my credentials: David from Toronto Ontario Canada. It is my homour to meet you my love

: Murmi @ 11-14-07 @ 11:42am
hi, Miri from Denton, Texas, USA

: ⭐Princette♥Pengthulu @ 09-17-07 @ 6:48pm
Hi, Ice Princess! *Smile* I'm from Idaho...*Pthb* Do not mention potatoes...*Smirk* *Laugh*

: Fictiøn Ðiva the Wørd Weava @ 09-17-07 @ 11:09am
Hi, cher. I'm from The "currently bruised but not broken" Big Easy. The city also known as New Orleans.

: Cmac @ 06-21-07 @ 1:31am
Hello from Sailsbury, North Carolina, United States. It is nice to see people from around the globe getting together in one place.

: LIS - Here Again! @ 04-15-07 @ 11:31pm
Born in Sheffield, England. Now live in New South Wales, Australia, we caretake a 2,500 acre beef cattle property. before that I lived in South Australia.

: ﻝames Joseph Emerald @ 04-15-07 @ 1:40pm
I don't believe this! Am I the only Irishman in this dump? ;P That's Dublin, by the way.

: BikeGuy rode 675km in July @ 03-29-07 @ 1:13pm
Hi all. I currently live in southern Colorado, USA. I've also lived in Denver and Los Angeles. A few of you have stopped by my port to give ratings and reviews. Thank You so much.

: rainbow writer @ 03-29-07 @ 11:43am
Rainbow writer born in nyc lived there a good part of my life then moved to Ohio. still a New YORKER at heart. nice to meet you all.

: Fish*sWife - I'm Baaaaack! @ 02-14-07 @ 6:45pm
HI! I was born in Virginia, moved to Nevada - Oregon - California - Maryland - Alaska - Washington (state) - Alaska - Colorado and Colorado is where I plan to stay!!!

: ShellySunshine @ 02-13-07 @ 11:02am
Hi Thanks for the review, I am from Brighton Michgian but I want to live someplace warmer, any ideas?

: Duckie @ 02-06-07 @ 5:31pm
Born and raised in New Brunswick Canada, I now make my home in South Central Texas. *Smile*

: The Nut @ 02-06-07 @ 12:04pm
Hi, I'm a nut that lives in Northeast Tennessee. I really enjoy your work.

: Caren Rose @ 02-05-07 @ 4:15pm
Hello there! Born & raised in Philadelphia, now live in Nebraska, but going to Florida next year! *Bigsmile*

: Patricia Gilliam @ 02-04-07 @ 2:58pm
Hi ya'll! I'm in Tennessee, where I only say ya'll in forums like these. *Smile* Great to meet you! Have a great day!

: KimmieK @ 02-02-07 @ 9:08am
Born and raised in Chicago, IL. Currently living in Virginia. Go Bears!

: THe LiTTLe MaN @ 01-26-07 @ 6:26am
British, Brighton. - England, the fallen land of fallen kings. My home, but not my prison.

: Black Willow @ 01-24-07 @ 12:15pm
Shalom! I'm from Israel, no one else is *Smile* as I thought. Was born in Ukraine! Nice to meet you!

: Michelle M @ 01-23-07 @ 4:05pm
Hello everyone! *waves* I'm from Oregon! I just moved here 3 years ago. Born and raised in CA though.

: Tornado Day @ 01-23-07 @ 3:55pm
Hey, everyone. I'm from Nashville, Tennessee. I hope you pronounced that right. *Heart* Come on out to the porch and sit a spell..... How's your mother? *Smile*

: @ 01-23-07 @ 4:06am
Howdy ma'am *Smile* Im from Texas the Lone Star State

: PrincessMika @ 01-21-07 @ 9:00pm
Hello! It is me, PrincessMika! Thanks for rating me! I was born in Anchorage, Alaska but I now like in Texas. Thanks again!

: Nada @ 01-18-07 @ 7:36pm
Hi there! I'm living in Ojai, California and was born in Tachikawa, Japan *Smile*

: SueBear @ 01-18-07 @ 5:57pm
Charlotte, North Carolina

: Dennis Cardiff @ 01-17-07 @ 7:23am
Hi Ice Princess, thanks for your reviews and for the invitation. I am from Canada. Presently living in Ottawa, I have lived in Toronto and was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It's great to see other Canadians here.

: AnaStar @ 01-17-07 @ 7:01am
Wow thats an awsome idea^.^Cool! I'm a canadian from the french province of quebec(yes very cold there right now T_T)in the wonderful town of Montreal! Rock on People!

: Lisa Dawn - sunny days @ 01-12-07 @ 6:58pm
Proud to be Canadian - No pet beaver, dont play hockey but proud all the same. *Bigsmile*

: Chriswriter @ 01-12-07 @ 4:41pm
I'm Chris, born in San Diego, raised in L.A., have lived in Santa Barbara and Gilroy, CA, Edmonds, WA, Glastonbury and Old Saybrook, CT, now in Calgary, AB, moving to Ann Arbor, MI.

: luvleepoet @ 01-12-07 @ 12:33pm
You have a beautiful and approachable persona. Your artwork here is amazing and the work, I want to read more before commenting. Thank you for giving me a look into your world. Sincerely, luvleepoet

: A.D. @ 01-11-07 @ 4:54pm
Hi! Come Read Me! Im rooted in Mississippi! -shakes hands all around- nice to meet everyone!

: Filip Janik @ 01-11-07 @ 6:57am
Prague, Czech Republic *Smile*

: sandiegoabuelo @ 01-10-07 @ 6:01pm
A transplanted New Yorker by way of New Joisey, now living in San Diego, CA

: Chryseis47 @ 01-10-07 @ 3:37pm
Tucson, newly transplanted from Southern California

: Kraky the Snowman @ 01-10-07 @ 2:28pm
Minneapolis, Minnesnowta. *Snow2*

: Prosperous Snow Moving Forward @ 01-10-07 @ 1:31am
Hi, I'm in Las Vegas, Nevada in the U.S.A.

: Daizy~lovin'thesummer @ 01-09-07 @ 7:50pm
Hey there, from Vicksburg, Michigan. That's near Kalamazoo. *Snow1* *Snow2* *Snow3*

: Ski -ster @ 01-09-07 @ 4:25pm
Hi! Ski here from Maine

: Elm @ 01-09-07 @ 4:19pm
Hey now, Ice Princess.... Massachusetts here.....

: Cynthianna @ 01-09-07 @ 4:16pm
Hello, and thank you for the invite. I'm a newbie writer from Green Bay Wisconsin.

: sasktoonie @ 01-05-07 @ 5:05pm
Hello fellow Canadian, Sastoonie here, from Saskatoon Saskachewan. Nice to meet you.

: Mrs. Whatsit @ 01-05-07 @ 1:45pm
Hi, AIP, I am from Richland, Mississippi, in the US. Nice to meet you!

: Andelusional @ 01-05-07 @ 1:18pm
Andelusional from the Scottish Highlands

: AliceLvs2Write @ 01-05-07 @ 11:30am
I...am...Canadian! Just to be fair *Smile*

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