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3 Jan 1892 — In honor of J.R.R. Tolkien's birthday, leave your toasts to him
This In 'n Out allows all interested visitors to Writing.com a place to raise a Toast to J.R.R. Tolkien. Let us know what is in your glass (of course, it needn't be an alcoholic drink), and begin with the words: "The Professor" before taking a sip. Stay awhile, or join others in the "The Lothlorien Forum and enjoy what you find as you drink.

The standard toast is: "The Professor"

Curious about the history of the Tolkien Society's annual Birthday Toast or other events in Tolkien's stomping grounds?

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""The Professor!" (sparkling cider) Few authors draw me back to scour the same voluminous pages; to relive lyric storytelling, so many attempt to now emulate."

"::lifting a pint of good British ale:: "To The Professor - my first read and first literary hero - our world is a better place, for your world to have been. Bado go Eru, Istuion! (Go with God, Professor!)""

"The Professor: may we meet again beyond this earth! You are missed, me dear, though we still remain in the embrace of your fine words. Wait for us on that shining shore, and greet us with a song or two when we come."

"::a spot of scotch:: "The Great Professor! Lord among writers and creator of a universe! So many nights have I spent reading your work, and still it fills me with fire. Thanks dude!"
-- Stimpy

" *lifting a glass of Bordeaux wine* “To Middle-earth’s creator and historian: Professor Tolkien! May Ilúvatar bless him and the Ainur uphold him; Brannon tegi nin [Lord guide him!]! "

"Optional ~ Like, your books are so rad, Mr. Tolkien! Peace out to all my lil wizards and hobbits, dude! [Like, Gandalf has such a gnarly beard and uses like magic is so totally cool...and Wormtongue is so uncool and like totally a nerd...] "

"Cheers to Tolkien! For creating the best fantasy series the world has ever known and will ever know! Your writing is better than all the fantasy books combined! You rock!!!! *Bigsmile*"

"To the Professor; Yet another year upon this earth hath flown. Thank you for the gift of Middle Earth!"

"(would that my cough syrup were a fine brandy, suitable to the annual Toast) The Professor...Your name and your works endure still."

"To the professor- for the joy he shared!"

"It's time to pull out the last remaining whole bottle of Martinellis Sparkling Cider - first a knock to me stone skull - ('m havin to rush this toast, as the whole day's slipped by!) Professor Tolkien! Live on with honor, 'ol Master."

""The Professor!" (Champagne) The anticipation builds as your delightful romp, "The Hobbit," is made into a live-action film bringing your work into the collaborative hands of wonderful craftspeople for the world-wide audience this year. "

"To the Professor! Yet another year upon this earth hath flown. Thank you for immortalizing vistas from your youth, and transforming the breadth of your scholarly pursuits to be utilized in constructing the languages and lyrical poetry of Middle Earth!"

"On your musing spirit flies, influencing yet another generation as they seek to immortalize your perfection and share in film the essence of your Musings. Thanks for lore and songs in ancient tongue that spark my muse fire. (2019 toast eyestar~ ) "

"As we your friends, Hobbits, Elfs, Dwarfs and Humans set around this table. We drink this magnificent dark mead and ale to your memory. Wishing you could be joining and enthrilling us with your tales of imagination. Forever friends! (Bearclaw "

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