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Dynamics of small groups of individuals in a common environment
Successful third-sphere groups have some clearly communicated intentions about how they will handle noise.  Rules are inevitable, but a successful group will resist the common reaction to noise, creating rules, because each rule creates more complexity without necessarily increasing knowledge.  Mistakes resulting from communication problems are inevitable, but a successful group will resist the urge to create rules or allow Trust to degrade. 

Successful Groups Increase Clarity among group members about the key commonly-held Intentions of their third sphere.  There are myriad ways to reinforce the reasons why the group is here, to refocus people on their group objectives.  At the fourth sphere level, we’ll see why this communication process results in establishment of rituals among other things.

Successful Groups Improve Transmission Speed so that information that needs to be shared is available in a timely manner.  Some noise results from uncertainties created when there is a heterogeneous information flow in a third-sphere group. 

Successful Groups Create Noise Awareness: it has several sources, and many have the effective result of limiting the Transmission Speed of a message in its distribution.  Noise awareness is really tolerance for noise – resisting the urge to allow uncertainties to emerge.  Often, uncertainties take the form of bogus Intentions: reasons considered by recipients about why the message is so noisy or was received late in comparison to others.  These uncertainties will create immediate conflict; not only is the recipient distracted by their wild goose chase into resolving bogus Intentions, but future noise may trigger even more impedance.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/handler/item_id/1248381-Third-Sphere-of-Information-Dynamics