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by Coal
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Torchlit shores beckon to a fantastic world of conchies, apes and disgusting recipe ideas
Join the stranded ragtag vagabonds or send them advice via empty vessel of port or rum-friend or foe, care they not- for they are hairless apes and they are bent but not broken as they struggle to survive and await your post with weathered eyes and wind-whipped elbows!

corked by: Dad
at: 02-19-16 @ 10:39pm
Message: Look, catty. If you and BBG want to be alone, I'll hide behind the curtains and try not to snicker.

corked by: ☮ Goofy Old Grum
at: 02-20-16 @ 5:03am
Message: I can hear you there, dad, snickering away. You just can't help yourself, can you.

corked by: Dad
at: 02-20-16 @ 9:23pm
Message: *sigh* It's a weakness.

corked by: catty
at: 07-05-16 @ 11:15pm
Message: Now I want a Snickers. But I can't have one, being diabetic and all... Damn you Dad!! I shall have to go in search of a Nougie Nutty Chew (a sugar free version of Snickers, sort of. A little.) Damn you Dad!!!!

corked by: Ms. Penguin
at: 07-06-16 @ 8:34am
Message: Where do you find nougie nutty chew? I've never heard of it.

corked by: Steev the Friction Wizurd
at: 07-06-16 @ 11:53am
Message: https://www.amazon.com/Russell-Stover-Sugar-Nougie-3-Ounce/dp/B004DD9N3K?ie=UTF8&ref_=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top

corked by: Dad
at: 07-06-16 @ 10:19pm
Message: I'll see your diabetes, and raise you my high blood pressure and my high cholesterol.

corked by: catty
at: 07-07-16 @ 1:13am
Message: Well, I do have High blood pressure, but both the diabetes and blood pressure are under control. (as long as I take pills) And don't eat Snickers. And Nougie Nutty chews can be found in WalMart or Kroger or HEB or Walgreen's in the Sugar-free isle

corked by: catty
at: 07-07-16 @ 1:17am
Message: Oh! And Adkins (Atkins??) snacks are diabetic friendly too! They have one that tastes exactly like a Payday! So good!

corked by: DnaDream
at: 08-31-16 @ 4:26am
Message: I could go for Payday. It would be even better if I get a surprise like as in Cracker Jack boxes, except it's legal tender.

corked by: AJ wants U 2 meet The CanMan!
at: 04-07-17 @ 10:45pm
Message: I wonder how many days it would take me to polish off a 365-day supply of assorted chocolates...If your answer is 365, you must not know me very well.

corked by: Dad
at: 04-09-17 @ 5:40pm
Message: 2 hours

corked by: Dad
at: 04-09-17 @ 10:03pm
Message: ?

corked by: AJ wants U 2 meet The CanMan!
at: 05-03-17 @ 9:29pm
Message: I ate 3 pieces of choc cake 2night at a neighbor's get-2gether -- HEY!!! Don't LOOK at me like that! They were SMALL pieces. HOW small U ask? NUNYA BEESWAX! Seriously, the cake was yummy. I'm writing about it in 2 different issues of my newsletter.

corked by: DnaDream
at: 06-26-17 @ 4:57am
Message: Help! Urgent! Somebody please send chocolate cake or something equally delightful.

corked by: Dad
at: 06-26-17 @ 10:45pm
Message: *eats salt water taffy* Don't have anything yummy. And gitcher eyes offa my taffy.

corked by: DnaDream
at: 07-20-17 @ 4:59am
Message: How'd you know I had salt water taffy today? Several delightful flavors had a party in my mouth. I even shared a few pieces.

corked by: DnaDream
at: 07-20-17 @ 5:01am
Message: And now I see this post is over a month old.

corked by: Dad
at: 07-20-17 @ 10:56am
Message: You SHARED taffy? Are you daft? Salt water taffy is way too good to be shared. At least until Grandson is old enough to eat it, then ... yeah, Gool Ol' Grandpa Dad will turn into an old softy.

corked by: DnaDream
at: 07-20-17 @ 11:21pm
Message: Oops my post went to the owner. Haha. Anyway yes. Plus a few Nutter Butter cookies for my driver and another passenger sharing a ride.

corked by: Dad
at: 07-21-17 @ 10:17pm
Message: I think you forgot to cork you bottle, Dreamin. Your message came out garbled. Maybe part of it was destroyed and didn't make it through? Your post went to the owner of what?

corked by: DnaDream
at: 07-23-17 @ 4:05am
Message: Sent to the owner of this in and out. Lol

corked by: DnaDream
at: 07-23-17 @ 4:07am
Message: I can't think clearly this late at night or navigate the site very well either. I had to search for the search area. Haha

corked by: Dad
at: 07-23-17 @ 2:53pm
Message: Maybe you need more salt water taffy. Gitcher own. Gitcher damn eyes offa mine. I got only 5 'r 6 pieces left, and I ain't gittin' paid fer a nother week.

corked by: DnaDream
at: 09-19-18 @ 9:04pm
Message: Dear Universe, Feel free to amaze me

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