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The Talent Pond is working with you to achieve your writing goals.

~New members will not be added until further notice.~
~Active contests are still open for all members of Wdc.~

*Star* Welcome to The Talent Pond *Star*

A big thank you to the amazing Acme for the first ribbon to grace our group page. *Smile*
A heartfelt thank you goes to the wonderful Jeff-o'-lantern for the newest ribbon to grace this page. *Heart*

A new header image that reflects our goals.

Our Mission:

The Talent Pond was established to help writers of all levels realize their full potential through honest reviewing and heartfelt support; to also promote their works to the best of our abilities and make them feel they are the talent we believe they are.

Here are some things you can expect from membership at the Talent Pond:

*Thumbsup*  A warm welcome for any writer on WDC, regardless of age, experience, and case color.
*Thumbsup*  An active program for those who are seeking to learn, or improve their writing skills.
*Thumbsup*  Guidance, support, review forums, recognition, newsletters, contests and activities, and community involvement.

We welcome questions, queries, or suggestions from our members and the general public. Send a comment or review to the group using the Review Box below, or send an email to a staff member listed.

If you like the sound of Our Mission and want to join us, we would be only too happy to have you here with us. Just complete this survey. We look forward to meeting you.

*Leaf1* ~ *Leaf2* ~ *Leaf4* ~ *Leaf1* ~ *Leaf2* ~ *Leaf4*

There's lots to do, see and learn at the Pond. Won't you get involved?

Reviewing Activities:

The Talent Pond Compass Review Center  [13+]
Where to come for reviews and assistance
by Boo-rooke

Sponsored Writing Activities:

Daily Flash Fiction Challenge  [13+]
Enter your story of 300 words or less.
by Arakun the Twisted Raccoon

The Genre Blender  [13+]
From The Talent Pond! Try something new using lesser-known genre combinations as prompts!
by Boo-rooke

The Talent Pond Sentence Cyclone  [13+]
Ever told a story one or two lines at a time? Join in and try it out.
by Boo-rooke

Pond Poetry - ON HIATUS!  [ASR]
A monthly poetry contest sponsored by The Talent Pond. Come on by!
by ~✿~ Krysha ~✿~

Blog Harbor from The Talent Pond  [13+]
A discussion forum and activity hub for Talent Pond bloggers.
by Jeff-o'-lantern

There are never any entry fees for a Talent Pond sponsored contest. Are you interested in donating to one of our writing challenges? Donations can be sent to group: 1614936 because all contest funds are buried there. *Wink* "The Talent Pond River Bank

Do you have an idea for a fun activity that you would like to share? Feel free to email Boo-rooke anytime with your idea and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you!

*Leaf1* ~ *Leaf2* ~ *Leaf4* ~ *Leaf1* ~ *Leaf2* ~ *Leaf4*

The Talent Pond Community Pool  [13+]
Our own community pool! A place for members to hang out and say hello.
by Boo-rooke

The Talent Pond Newsletter Archive  [E]
Archive for Talent Pond newsletters.
by Boo-rooke

 Talent Pond Member Signatures  [E]
A folder of signatures available for member use.
by Boo-rooke

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Talent Pond Shops:

Talent Pond Nature Notes  [E]
C-notes that benefit The Talent Pond activities.
by Boo-rooke

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Our Current Highlighted Group Activity:

The Genre Blender  [13+]
From The Talent Pond! Try something new using lesser-known genre combinations as prompts!
by Boo-rooke

*Leaf1* ~ *Leaf2* ~ *Leaf4* ~ *Leaf1* ~ *Leaf2* ~ *Leaf4*

*Star* Activities/Groups The Talent Pond Recommends *Star*

"The Rockin' Reviewers"   by Hannah ♫♥♫
"The Rising Stars Tour Bus"   by Lilli Munster☕
"Anniversary Reviews"   by Trick-r-Trinketing Sum1
"NaNoWriMo Write-A-Thon"   by Jeff-o'-lantern
"The Newbies Academy Group"   by ~ Sisco ~

Do you have an activity that benefits The Pond? Let us know!

  Group Members:  205 Members

  Group Gift Point Balance:  1,532,000 GPs

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Boo-rooke -- Founder - Executive Staff
Arakun the Twisted Raccoon -- Senior Staff
Jeff-o'-lantern -- Senior Staff
The Ghost of Jayne's Lost Sock -- Activity Manager
~✿~ Krysha ~✿~ -- Leader
Jace -- Leader
Bikerider -- Leader
Molly Jean -- Retired Staff
Kaya -- Retired Staff
Acme -- Retired Staff
🌓 HuntersMoon -- Retired Staff
Lonewolf -- Retired Staff
Phoenix -- Retired Staff
Ghostranch -- Retired Staff
Riot -- Retired Staff
Nix~🎀 9 years of WdC joy~ -- Retired Staff
Cinn -- Retired Staff
tYpO/T.Boilerman -- Retired Staff
SouthernDiva -- Retired Staff
anastasia beyverhausen -- Retired Staff
JoDe -- Retired Staff
audra_branson -- Blog Harbor Member
Madi -- Blog Harbor Member
Connieann is missing Mopsy -- Blog Harbor Member
Ducttape Knight -- Blog Harbor Member
Chewie Kittie -- Blog Harbor Member
Julie D - PUBLISHED! -- Blog Harbor Member
ShelleyA~11 years at WDC -- Blog Harbor Member
very thankful -- Blog Harbor Member
njames51 -- Blog Harbor Member
MD Maurice -- Blog Harbor Member
Shadow Sunnie -- Blog Harbor Member
Thundersbeard 30DBC JULY HOST -- Blog Harbor Member
abcoachnz-Sometimes around -- Blog Harbor Member
LostGhost: Seeking & Learning -- Blog Harbor Member
CJ Reddick -- Blog Harbor Member
A*30s*Faith -- Blog Harbor Member
Odessa Molinari -- Blog Harbor Member
🌑 Queen of Darkness -- Blog Harbor Member
ENB -- Blog Harbor Member
Soh ~ Luminousa -- Blog Harbor Member
Eric Wharton -- Blog Harbor Member
PandaPaws;VETTECH Class of '20 -- Blog Harbor Member
Cobe -- Blog Harbor Member
Diane -- Blog Harbor Member
Snow Vampire -- Blog Harbor Member
~Minja~ -- Blog Harbor Member
TJ-Monster Mashing with Boris -- Blog Harbor Member
Lilli Munster☕ -- Blog Harbor Member
SonofDrogo -- Member

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