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by keetao
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Add your own or answer one if you can.
A list of odd, funny or inspirational questions to make you think. Add one if you can or just answer someone else's.

: Dad
: 08-21-20 @ 9:22pm
: I would say when in files for Social Security.

: Petra Pansky
: 08-21-20 @ 1:54pm
: At what point does New Zealand become Old Zealand?

: Dad
: 07-26-20 @ 10:33am
: Is it possible that the world has always been insane, and we're now just realizing ir?

: keetao
: 07-25-20 @ 10:43am
: Has the whole world gone insane?

: Dad
: 07-04-20 @ 9:24pm
: How in the hell should I know? I don't make a habit of saving them. I share them with the world. It's nice to share. And it's the proof of the old truism that 'tis better to give than to receive!

: keetao
: 07-03-20 @ 10:25am
: How much does a fart weigh? (excluding any solid matter).

: Dad
: 07-02-20 @ 9:30pm
: To get to the end of the galaxy and see a sign that say "This End Up \|/

: keetao
: 07-02-20 @ 2:43am
: Is there an IQ test to quantify the intelligence of bottoms?

: Dad
: 06-27-20 @ 8:40pm
: If our dearly departed Steev the addiction Wizurd were still with us, I'd suggest he wear a plastic bag over his face mask. Alas, it's not to be, so I'll just pass it by, and, in his honor, say DUMBASS

: keetao
: 06-27-20 @ 4:35am
: Can we call masks, "Face Underwear", or would that require us to wear something over the mask too?

: Dad
: 05-08-17 @ 11:43pm
: Ah! getting much better. I don't even have to call anyone a dumbass.

: Steev the Friction Wizurd
: 05-08-17 @ 5:57am
: Only if poopie and doo-doo are the same thing. Poopies have floppy ears and bark. Doo-doo's are extinct.

: AJ wants U 2 meet The CanMan!
: 05-08-17 @ 12:01am
: Are you trying to say that we're getting into deep doo-doo?

: Dad
: 09-07-15 @ 10:46am
: Ah, but they do take nutrition through the umbilical cord, so my very untrained opinion is that is the source of the poopie. *Good God, we're getting into a deep conversation again. Maybe I'd better fix that Ah, I know how.* Dumbass

: Steev the Friction Wizurd
: 09-07-15 @ 9:48am
: I'm sure you are correct, but it seems impossible, doesn't it, since they have nothing to eat?

: Dad
: 09-06-15 @ 3:44pm
: I actually have a little knowledge on this. Niece #1 made a little poopie in the womb just before she was born. So, yes, babies poo in the womb.

: keetao
: 09-05-15 @ 10:15pm
: Do babies poo in the womb?

: Dad
: 09-01-15 @ 8:55pm
: You mean we haven't been fighting World War 3 for the last 20 years, since the first terrorist attack on the World Trade Center? Nuclear weapons didn't deter WW3! It is impossible to bomb someone into the Dark Ages when they are already in the Dark Ages!

: Steev the Friction Wizurd
: 09-01-15 @ 5:42pm
: There will be no World War 3. The existence of atomic bombs insure that any conflicts will be limited in scope.

: keetao
: 09-01-15 @ 10:31am
: Which country or group do you think will be most likely to start world war 3?

: Dad
: 08-29-15 @ 11:33am
: Whaddya mean there's no beneficial addictive chemicals? There's chocolate!

: Steev the Friction Wizurd
: 08-28-15 @ 6:03pm
: Thee are a couple of them: oxygen and water. They are healthy, you are completely dependent on them, and the withdrawal symptoms are severe.

: keetao
: 08-27-15 @ 11:06pm
: Why are there no chemically-addictive, healthy substances?

: Dad
: 08-11-15 @ 10:37pm
: Of course Linericks would stoop that low. As for working it in, isn't that for another dangling part of the male anatomy?

: deemac
: 08-10-15 @ 2:43am
: Like ya think he needs encouragement?! Linericks would never stoop so low ... errm, in a manner of speaking, of course.

: A Guest Visitor
: 12-31-69 @ 7:00pm

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