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Rated: 18+ · Group · Horror/Scary · #1281992
A Group for those interested in everything dark and scary.
Image for my Group - Absolute Horror

I have a dream. Oops, that’s been used before, besides it was more like a thought. There are many great groups at WDC and each does certain things; contests, forums, review requests, etc. Well, the thought I had was to conglomerate all these elements into one Group, with the aim of getting writers some more feedback (after all, helpful criticism can sometimes open our eyes and minds to new ideas – as well as weed out all the errors we missed, while our eyes watered with exhaustion, late into the wee hours of the morning)

So what will the Group provide to its members?

Members Only Contest
This will be a infrequent contest offering a prize of 10,000 GP's to the winner. The prompt will be set out in the "Old Style" giving the writer less restrictions - so any style any sub-genre.

"Absolute Horror Members Only Contest - Last Post: 04-03-11 @ 11:35am

Weekly Flash Fiction Contest
With 3,000 GPs on offer every week - and an extra 5,000 GP's for the grand monthly winner - as well as 10,000 GPs for the "Best of the Best" yearly winner.

"Absolute Horror Flash Fiction Contest - Last Post: 11-23-17 @ 8:32am

Monthly Contest
With 10,000 GPs to each monthly winner and another 20,000 GP's to the "Best of the Best" yearly winner.

"Absolute Monthly Horror Contest - Last Post: 02-17-12 @ 2:48pm

The Vault Of Horror
If you'd like to read something to keep you awake all night then enter The Vault - It holds within its cold grasp the previous winners of the Flash and Short Story contests - just beware the door doesn't close while you're inside,

"The Vault Of Horror - Last Modified: 03-31-11 @ 4:10pm

In & Out Prompt Page
For those poor people unfortunate enough to be struggling with writers block (I have been one of the unfortunate ones on many occasion). If you have some prompts, story ideas, opening lines, etc to share - please leave some behind (one day you may need them too) - These will also be used for the contests.

"Absolute Horror - In & Out Prompt Page - Last Submission: 04-04-13 @ 4:17pm

Request a Review Page
Where you can post links to your works for other members & visitors to Rate and Review.

"Absolute Horror Rate 'n' Review Requests - Last Post: 02-07-14 @ 6:33pm

Book Forum
Where you can discuss any interesting horror books you've read recently.

"Absolute Horror Book Forum - Last Post: 07-22-13 @ 5:21am

Film Forum
Where you can discuss any movies your watched - whether good or bad.

"Absolute Horror Film Forum - Last Post: 02-29-12 @ 11:29am

Wordsearch Puzzle
If you have 10minutes or so to spare then pop in and take a look at the

"Absolute Horror Breaktime Fun for Oct-10 - Last Modified: 12-09-10 @ 11:34am


Danger Mouse
Thomas J. Kent
Fish*sWife - I'm Baaaaack!

And Dreamflyer, The Ivy Rose, Debs Ship, & J Harlow - who left WDC

for the donations given.

It's difficult to keep a Group going, and especially its contests, every donation is received with appreciation and gratitude. If you would like to send a donation to the group, please feel free to and I'll put a link to your portfolio up. And as the case with other contests, any donations of 30,000 GP's will be awarded a Merit Badge of my choice. Thank you again to the people above for keeping the contests and the group going.

  Group Members:  53 Members

  Group Gift Point Balance:  349,298 GPs

This group has 53 members.
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