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by Acme
Rated: 13+ · Group · Community · #1324928
Part of Acme's Comedy Scream Hallowe'en' - BOO!
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*Shock* Spook-tator Sports Group *Shock*

By signing up to this group you have agreed to have fun, and not take the kinds of competition within, too seriously *Smile*

What you will get is:

*Bullet* A mail shot informing you of the spur of the moment contests!
*Bullet* Any up-dates, as they occur (you are now an official 'fan' and 'spectator')
*Bullet* A Chance to win 'Participation Points'
*Bullet* Occasional 'Lucky Dip Lottery' glee.

"Yes, but Acme? What the heck does that all mean?" *Confused*
"Basically, it means that I can make up daft games and fun, as I see fit!"*Delight*

Participation Points - These are a little tally of point that are given on merit. It may be from participating in a Review Challenge, or a game of Chinese Whispers, or Apple Bobbing. You don't have to participate in everything but the things that you do will earn you points... and what do points make? PRIZES! *Bigsmile*

Lucky Dip Lottery - You may be asked to 'Pass on a Hot Potato' in this game, you will be choosing another group member to receive a 'Lucky Dip Lottery' award!

Now the bad news:

*Cry* It can't last forever - just until 31st October.
*Cry* There may be no Spectator Sports for days - and then suddenly lots (when you've been at school/work/jail all day.)
*Cry* It's just for fun so the rules are vague, hazy and probably unfair - so please don't pout

Have fun, have horror, and have a ball! Welcome to the Group.

If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me *Delight*
Acme's Comedy Scream Hallowe'en  (13+)
Main forum for the holiday contests! 2009 CLOSED. King/Queen is crowned.
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