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Darkness meets light , Truth turns to lies ,You must find THE WAY
The way
By, N .Barry

Sept 13th 1893
New York

The sky darkened with impending storm clouds, the streets now bare of people. One man walks along the sidewalk seeking shelter, As droplets of rain fall lightly on his shoulders like a tease of shear force to come, He hurries along too tired to run he seeks shelter under an awning of a store, as the rains comes down forcefully and the wind blows it to him. He wipes his now wet face with the back of his hand. He turns away from the cold rain and looks inside the store window. He stares at a man inside sitting in a chair his back turned to him, he appeared to be too deep in a book to notice even the storm outside, The man now cold and wet raps his fist lightly on the window .The old man inside turns towards the sound slowly not wanting to take his eyes off his book. The old man inside leaves his book open on his desk and stands himself up he slowly guides himself to the door and it was not until then that the man outside notices as he looks into the mans eyes that he is blind. He opens the door and stands to one side
“I have been waiting for you”
The wet man looks at him puzzled
“I am sorry Sir but we have never met, my name is Shane Williams, I was just seeking refuge from the storm outside"
The blind man touches Shanes shoulder
“Come inside, my friend you will catch your death out there"
Shane removes his trench coat and looks around the store, dark statues line all the walls. Old books covered in dust fill bookcases that reach the ceiling.
The blind man comes over to him with a dry blanket and puts it lightly around his shoulders.
Shane gets a cold shiver as he looks the man into his dead cold eyes.
“Thank you sir”
The blind man takes his hand and leads him over to the desk
“come, I have waited to show you this",
Shane walked towards the desk, as he walked he looked at the frail blind man, and wondered greatly about his sanity, The old man bent over the opened book which lay in the middle of the desk, Shane looked away from the man and stared down at the book, taking in detail of a picture that stared back at him. Pencil drew a man laying on the grown while another man stands besides holding a staff over his head in victory. The old man puts his finger over the picture and traces it lightly like he could actually see it,
“This is your future my son ",
Shane looked at the man in bewilderment for some strange reason it made sense.
Shanes thought ended as the sun started streaming through the windows, knowing this was his chance to leave he took it,
“Well the rain has stopped, thank you so much for you hospitality sir”
As he went to turn the man grabbed his arm tightly, a force surged throughout his body, visions invaded his mind, fire, naked women danced around him as blood poured from his lips, he saw dark robed men and women, standing near a fire, they all turned and looked at him, his adrenaline flowed with horror as he anticipated his own death, their eyes got closer then their faces disappeared.

1999 June 14th
New York

The night sky seemed to hold so much mystery it made him think about the past, now it was his sun, His night light, the only refuge he had. He remembered a time he could run day and night which actually left him time to do things for himself. Now it seemed all he had time for was his never-ending hunger.
He did love the hunt he wasn't going to lie about that, But for hundreds of years people had been getting wiser safer, more ready, He couldn't count how many times he had been shot or stabbed. He walked along the now familiar streets of New York lowering his head not to cause any unwanted attention to himself. He put his hand through his long hair, which had fallen, in his eyes. He moved his eyes upward to see the line up of Prostitutes and sized each one up as he passed them, He knew it was just food, But his Human arrogance still wanted a beautiful woman that was worthy of his attention.
He saw his pray and walked up to her slyly, She turned to him pushing her long red hair away from her eyes she smiled lightly at him, he had not seen her here before she looked like a porcelain doll her skin like china, flawless, But it was the hair that drew him to her he had a weakness for redheads, He smiled at her and motioned for her to follow him without a word she followed close behind, Every so often he would turn back to make sure she was still there, She looked at him each time with a nervous smile.
Finally he had her inside his apartment; she stood close to the door and looked around
“I, I have to get the money first" She looked down in embarrassment,
He pulled a fifty-dollar bill from his trench coat pocket and walked towards her, he took her hand and opened it he put the money in it and closed her hand lightly, He could feel her pulse race and it excited him.
She looked up at him as she put the money in her small black bag, Her eyes looked sadder when she did this, He looked deeply in her eyes and was frightened by his thoughts, His heart raced like it had only done with one other woman, But that was so many years ago when he was a man, not a monster as he loved to call himself.
He lowered his head for a moment to collect his thoughts, she was nothing, he fought with his mind, she was food, He had been taught, and taught well to put his human emotions deep inside himself.
He collected his thoughts and walked over to his stereo, and clicked it on, The woman walked over to the couch and sat down removing her high heel shoes one by one, he did not turn to see her walk up behind him, she put her hands on his shoulders and then down his arms, he felt the warmth of her body close to him, His mouth watered with his hunger as he let out a sigh of ecstasy. He closed his eyes as she turned him around. His lips parted as he let out a moan of pure exhilaration and wanting, Her touch was soft and delicate, not like the countless other women he had been with.
It made him feel exposed like he was the pray, he lifted his head as she kissed his throat. He was frail and felt almost violated as she ran her hands over his chest and began to undo his buttons. He grabbed her wrists hard and she looked at him in shear terror, He smiled at the turn in the events. He let her wrists go and turned her head to the side moving her hair away he began to kiss lightly mischievously. This was more like it, he thought as she whimpered to his touch, He took her hair in his hand and he knew that the games were over, he wrapped it around his hand and pulled it back harshly sending her almost to the floor, he then exposed his teeth to her, He loved to see the terror on their faces before he would watch them die. A lone tear trickled down her cheek as she pleaded not to hurt her, He was no novice to being pleaded to, He had learned long ago to ignore their cries and their begging, and he plunged his teeth into her neck hard, she feel to the floor with an agonizing cry he sucked hard so the neibours would not hear any commotion, He rose off her now lifeless body and pulled the back of his hand a crossed him lips, looking at the blood on his fingers made him feel accomplished and he licked it off.
The next step was not one that Shane liked at all, he took no pleasure in body disposal, but it was something that had to be done. He sat on the floor be side the girls body his legs crossed and his chin resting on his hand, A smile lifted the corners of his mouth as he thought about all the things he had tried when he had first started killing, He thought that he could just put the body in a bag and leave it out for the Trash, that was till one night he woke up and dog had gotten into the bag and he had to run outside and bring the smelly body back in, she stayed in his house till he could no longer stand the stench of her rotting flesh , He remembered it was a particularly hot summer that year , Then he started cutting the bodies up and digging holes in the park, That soon stopped when some children decided to search for treasure.
But now years later after all the mistakes he had made he was sure he had it right, he got up and walked towards the bathroom to get things ready. He rolled up the sleeves of his shirt and grabbed a pair of rubber gloves. He reached for the large jug beside the tub and started to fill it up, when it was to satisfactory height he went to the living room to get the body, he looked down at her for one last moment and sighed, he lifted her up and over his shoulder, once in the bathroom he took off her clothes and through them in the corner, He put her tiny body into the tub and submerged her in the liquid, Chloroform he smiled as it began quickly to eat away at her flesh and bone. It was perfect, so little work for him and such a time saver, when her face went under he turned away he didn't enjoy seeing the face be eaten away it made him feel sick.
He walked out of the bathroom and went to the kitchen he pulled out a large bottle of scotch and grabbed a glass from the sink he rinsed it out and poured himself a drink, He sat down at the table and looked at the glass for a few moments before picking it up, It felt good going down he sat it back down and he realized that he could hear the bubbles from the chloroform eating away at her bones now and he knew he should have closed the door, He felt a chill go through him. As he anticipated what he knew he had to do next, sure the chloroform was easier but it wasn't perfect, He still had to scrape out the stuff that wouldn't go like small bones and teeth, it was something he took had to be done.

Somewhere in New York same night.

Kim Barns Sits outside her home and lights up a cigarette, She had tried to stop many times but it made her feel too good to inhale all that smoke and then she blew it out slowly, she looked at her cigarette and smiled little and shook her head. How pathetic she was, she could hunt down cold-blooded killers but she couldn't give up a silly habit like smoking.
She sat back on the steps and looked up at the night sky, there were alot of stars out tonight, and it was clear which was unusual for a night in New York. As she looks up her mind wonders, Back to her dungeon as she called it when she was taken, She remembered one dark night sitting alone looking out the small window, the sky was just as bright as it was tonight.
The memories were all she seemed to have lately besides the bad dreams which seemed to come so forceful lately that she did not sleep.
She sat up and looked and her cigarette, which was almost gone, she put it between her thumb and forefinger and flicked it into the yard. She stood up and stretched her arms up, Getting rid of the stresses of the day, and she turned and walked inside.
She walked to the bathroom and looked into the mirror she was looking more then her twenty-seven years she thought as she put her hand on her face. She smiled at her vanity and pulled her long dark hair back in a ponytail, she ran the water in the sink and splashed her face twice with the cold water trying to wake herself up, It seemed that nothing would keep her up forever though she had tried everything, Late night movies, Endless cups of coffee, But she always seemed to pass out some time through the night.
She figured it wouldn't be so bad if she didn't remember the dreams, but she did every sick twisted moment of them. They started soon after her abduction and had become stronger and more real as she got older. She didn't like to think about that and she surely did not talk about it to anyone, She was as she called herself a loner, She didn't want to be pitied or looked down upon by anyone especially in her line of work, Weaknesses were something she could not afford to have, So she kept a low profile not letting anyone in shutting anyone that got to close out, That's just the way she was.
Kim sat herself on the couch and flips the TV on, late night television had to be her least favorite thing in the world. It was an endless array of infomercials and talk shows.

Let me know if u want more.....N,Barry

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