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by Puja
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Think, Talk and Live poetry!

( Think,Talk, and Live Poetry)

                   Welcome to the "Poetic Conversation Chat Zone".Let us try having a poetic  chat. This is a place to have a rhyming talk. Each poet tries to rhyme the previous poet's conversation. This way, we improve our rhyming skills, and explore our poetic skills. Also, it is an interesting game.Writing a poem all  by yourself is quite easy compared to a topicless,endless poem written by countless poets!

Join our poets to create the longest poem!  *Star*

Here is an example of a poetic conversation;(Poets: A,B,C,D,E)

A: Hello, Good Morning!

B: Welcome to the WDC, charming!

C: Oh! how I love the site so cute.

D: Never will I be able to say adieu.

E: Tones my talent, becoming a flute.

         *Note5*You can rhyme the previous poet's line, or the second last poet's line. Meaning,  you can use the abab (or) the aabb pattern. In all, the  conversation must be a poetic song!

Thankyou, "Happy Composing!!!"*Smile*

: Jennifer
: 01-23-11 @ 2:47am
: Let's reach for the moon...

: ~*Arpita*~
: 01-23-11 @ 9:13pm
: And make little sand dune...

: Steev the Friction Wizurd
: 01-24-11 @ 10:11am
: When in the winter of one's year...

: ~*Arpita*~
: 01-24-11 @ 9:49pm
: Smile gives way to a unhappy tear...

: Fi
: 02-16-11 @ 9:36pm
: But, no! Rejoice! Trouble never lasts...

: ~*Arpita*~
: 02-19-11 @ 12:19pm
: For victory arises right from the dusts...

: Puja
: 04-01-11 @ 7:31pm
: And from the bitter sweet past.

: Quest-YELLOW-Thanks Schnujo
: 05-09-11 @ 4:51am
: Find memories of gold that never will rust!

: Quest-YELLOW-Thanks Schnujo
: 05-09-11 @ 4:53am
: The leaves' dancing fingers on invisible harp

: Steev the Friction Wizurd
: 05-09-11 @ 10:08am
: Ruffles the pond and agitates the carp

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