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A play in 2 acts about love and denial, families and control, truth and lies
Truths, Lies and Consequences is the story of two families destroyed by events and emotions left unexpressed and unattended. It is about unfulfilled dreams, and actions motivated by fear rather than love. It is ultimately about control, the impossibility of control, and the need to break from others’ control in order to become whole. It comes down to a simple premise: to a lesser or greater extent, we are all free to choose our life’s path. No matter how small a choice may be, the possibility of choosing is always there. And sooner or later, we can not blame anyone else for where we find ourselves.
TLC is narrated by and seen from the perspective of Eric Michaels, a psychoanalyst. He is drawn into the life of a suicidal young man – Alex Caldwell – for reasons far beyond what his own conscious can willingly comprehend.  Yet the attraction is there. And as he seeks to understand Alex and his predicament, and ultimately how to save him, he finds himself drawn down into a well that he is emotionally unprepared for.

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