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Rewarding, fulfilling wishes, providing upgrades, and other miscellaneous mayhem
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Welcome to the group page for the Vigilante Angel Ranger Team

What we do

Reward WDC members

Fulfill wishes

Provide upgrades

Support Contests and Activities

And [***deleted – Ranger Eyes Only***]

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I am the Vigilante Angel.  I am a cyber-character living within the virtual world of Writing Dot Com (WDC).  The details are in the "Invalid Item, but suffice it to say that I was condensed from the electron-rich cyber-ether of the Internet. Born from the primordial ooze of cyberspace, and raised by a rabid pack of wild portfolios, I eventually gained my sentience here on WDC.  As WDC’s semi-secret cyber-hero, I cruise the virtual halls of WDC, spreading rewards, surprises, entertainment and fun. 

Every hero needs sidekicks, and mine are the Vigilante Angel Rangers.  Hey, they picked out the name.  This is a small group of humans that do most of the heavy lifting.  The Rangers scour the pages of WDC for worthy recipients, and give out rewards, contributions, and what-not.  Lots and lots of what-not.  The Rangers alert the Vigilante Angel by sending up the Vangel Signal.  Some people know it as the email system.

Want to meet the Vigilante Angel Rangers?  They hang around the Secret Vigilante Angel Cave,  You get there through the "Secret Angel Ranger Cave. And keep up with our reward totals by following the "Invalid Item.

Thanks to tangerinedream for the great Awardicon that graces our Group Page!

The Public Forum ------------->"Secret Angel Ranger Cave

Private Forum for Rangers Eyes Only ---------------->"**Mission Control**

  Group Members:  6 Members

  Group Gift Point Balance:  424,484 GPs

The Vigilante Angel -- Vigilante Angel
EarlyHours-A Vigilante Ranger -- Vigilante Angel Ranger
EvilDawg - Vigilante Ranger!! -- Vigilante Angel Ranger
Mike~Dolphins Fan 4 Life -- Vigilante Angel Ranger
Mistress Mayhem -- Vigilante Angel Ranger
Breaker~A Vigilante Ranger~ -- Vigilante Angel Ranger

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