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For all you alliteration bluffs out there!
A Little Alliteration, Please!


Let's see how alliterate you can be! The rules to this in and out are as follows. Create a story, or try to hold onto some sort of plot line, using alliteration. (words that begin with the same consonant sound) The only trick is, each entry has to feature a different letter, in alphabetical order. If you are stumped on the letter x, skip it and go on to the next letter!

*Bigsmile* For example:  *Bigsmile*

Starting with the letter P:

Patty Porter picked pounds of pumpkins

While Quincy quietly qacked under his quilt.

Reading a romance, reacting rowdily.

You get my drift, the rating is 18+, so go hog wild with your alliterations. You MAY use other words in your sentence, but a majority of them should be an alliteration.

*Jackolantern*  Away we go!  *Jackolantern*

Wordsmith: A Guest Visitor
When?: 12-31-69 @ 7:00pm

Wordsmith: Ravenwand, Rising Star!
When?: 10-21-10 @ 6:30am
: Andy Anaconda Acted Angry As Anita Applebee Acquired Arthur's Asp.

Wordsmith: CopyPaper
When?: 10-21-10 @ 12:03pm
: Baby: Been bending biceps. Bowling balls bounced between Bermuda and Barbados. Bye bye.

Wordsmith: Steev the Friction Wizurd
When?: 10-21-10 @ 12:07pm
: Crazy coot! Could kids carry crates to the Caribbean?

Wordsmith: Ravenwand, Rising Star!
When?: 10-22-10 @ 9:24am
: Don'd deride donuts, they're dreamy, delectable, delicious... Dang! Desiring donuts...

Wordsmith: CopyPaper
When?: 10-22-10 @ 9:30pm
: Elephants eating elderberries, eagerly eschewing extracurricular Englishmen. Everyone eventually ends epilogues with "the End".

Wordsmith: Dad
When?: 10-22-10 @ 9:41pm
: Franklin Farnsworth found fifty fruitflies flitting fitfully from Frankfort to Fremont frequently followed Fannie Faldhaber.

Wordsmith: Ravenwand, Rising Star!
When?: 10-22-10 @ 9:45pm
: Greg Gugenheim grabbed Gretchen Gugeyuhi's gorgeous gophers, while she groped his growling gonads.

Wordsmith: CopyPaper
When?: 10-22-10 @ 9:50pm
: Hilarious Helen, holding hotdogs, hunted heartily for hot-mustard. Her husband, Humorous Harry, held her hand as he harangued her for hurrying him.

Wordsmith: CopyPaper
When?: 10-22-10 @ 9:58pm
: Ideally, Iceland is intricately immense. I'd imagine it's illogical, if I insisted it is. Indeed, icebergs indicate iridescent issues. I itch, intensly, it's influenza, I insist.

Wordsmith: Dad
When?: 10-23-10 @ 8:50am
: John Jacobsen justified jumping jacks.

Wordsmith: Ravenwand, Rising Star!
When?: 10-23-10 @ 9:25am
: Kevin Keeps Killing Karen's Kids and Kittens, Keeping the Kills in the Kingdom's Kitchen Kettle.

Wordsmith: Ravenwand, Rising Star!
When?: 10-24-10 @ 9:58am
: Let's lick lemons, Larry!

Wordsmith: CopyPaper
When?: 10-24-10 @ 8:37pm
: Mama, my mammaries might moisten momentarily. Manfred Mann mumbled majestically.

Wordsmith: CopyPaper
When?: 10-27-10 @ 8:52am
: No, no, Nanette. Not necessarily needing nun-chucks, Ned Noodleman nudged nobody.

Wordsmith: Ravenwand, Rising Star!
When?: 10-27-10 @ 12:07pm
: Oh, Oprah, ogling Orville on orange Oreos? Outrageous! Oral Oliver, occasionally!

Wordsmith: CopyPaper
When?: 10-28-10 @ 8:51am
: Pretty please? People perpetuating perfunctory proposals purportedly performing petty petulances, probably prefer purple (to) puce.

Wordsmith: CopyPaper
When?: 10-29-10 @ 4:25pm
: Quick, Quentin! Query quizmaster Quixote Quaid: Quadrophenia quarks quarrel querquedule quiches.

Wordsmith: Dad
When?: 10-29-10 @ 9:33pm
: Really, Randall! Righteous rye bread rules!

Wordsmith: Ravenwand, Rising Star!
When?: 10-31-10 @ 7:35am
: Stop stammering, Stanley, start stapling stickers to your stiffy!

Wordsmith: CopyPaper
When?: 11-01-10 @ 10:02am
: Thindy thaid there's a three perthent thanthe of thwallowing three thousand thistles. Theopholous Thistle, the thuccethful thistle thifter, thrust three thousand thistles through the thick of hith thumb.

Wordsmith: Dad
When?: 11-02-10 @ 9:59pm
: Ulysses Unicorn usually uses a burnt-umber colored umbrella, unless udder colors more uncommon are useful.

Wordsmith: Ravenwand, Rising Star!
When?: 11-02-10 @ 10:48pm
: Vagrant vagabonds vomit into vacant vendor's venues, a verily vacuous, vile and viscous vida!

Wordsmith: CopyPaper
When?: 11-03-10 @ 10:32am
: When whiskey wended its way westward, we went with it. Wilderness withers wherever winds whine through willows.

Wordsmith: CopyPaper
When?: 11-05-10 @ 9:21am
: You yell YAHOO, yet youngsters yearn (for) yellow-bellied Yankees.

Wordsmith: Dad
When?: 11-07-10 @ 3:46pm
: Mr Zaborskii zealously egzamines 'zines.

Wordsmith: CopyPaper
When?: 11-10-10 @ 10:05am
: Anyone asks, Anna's anorexia annihilated Aunt Ariana. Allegorically, Al always alluded any alligators awkwardly.

Wordsmith: Ravenwand, Rising Star!
When?: 11-12-10 @ 5:44am
: Big Bubba burped, belching bilious blobs of blue, billowy bile.

Wordsmith: Dad
When?: 11-12-10 @ 9:38pm
: Carmen Cortes cringed, contemplating the craggy canyon Connie delCarmen considered entering.

Wordsmith: Ravenwand, Rising Star!
When?: 11-18-10 @ 6:27am
: Dad don't do depends, duh... He douses dames in dung to delight Dave's delirious donkey, Dudley.

Wordsmith: CopyPaper
When?: 11-20-10 @ 8:21am
: Everyone's enjoying elephant enemas. Each excuse eagerly executes early escaping executives, except emailing employees.

Wordsmith: Dad
When?: 11-25-10 @ 8:07pm
: Fine! Please finish fondling faux females and find fresh femme fatales to frolic with.

Wordsmith: Ravenwand, Rising Star!
When?: 11-26-10 @ 10:55pm
: Great gophers, Greg, guzzling garbage 'gain? Good; garbage's great, glorious and grand. Gag. Gotta Go.

Wordsmith: CopyPaper
When?: 11-27-10 @ 9:05am
: Here. Hand Huey his hammer. He’s hanging horticultural histories, horizontally. Helga helps. Her handsome hubby harangues her. Hobbits (halflings) hurry home.

Wordsmith: CopyPaper
When?: 11-30-10 @ 1:43pm
: Isn't Imelda idling? Ironically, Ira inked incredible inaccuracies in Idlewyld.

Wordsmith: Ravenwand, Rising Star!
When?: 12-02-10 @ 5:30pm
: Jeff just jacked Jill's jaguar, Jessie. Jumped in and Joyrode.

Wordsmith: CopyPaper
When?: 12-03-10 @ 7:54am
: King Kong kan't komplain, 'kause Ken killed Keisha. Ken's kilt kept kreeping up.

Wordsmith: CopyPaper
When?: 12-05-10 @ 8:30am
: Little Lena liked licking lollipops. Long Larry loved letting Lena lick ‘em. Lovable Louise littered little liquor licenses while lolling languidly at the lake.

Wordsmith: Ravenwand, Rising Star!
When?: 12-05-10 @ 10:08am
: Massive Mary marinated meat meticulously, making Mark masturbate momentarily.

Wordsmith: CopyPaper
When?: 12-09-10 @ 10:15am
: Normally, Nolan never needed neckties. Netty's neatness neglected Nolan's necessity for nightingale's nests. Nobody knew Nolan's nickname was Nedermayer.

Wordsmith: CopyPaper
When?: 12-12-10 @ 8:22am
: Open orifices, ordinarily, only offer orgasmic opportunities. Owain Oppenheimer ordered one of our ostriches online!

Wordsmith: Ravenwand, Rising Star!
When?: 12-12-10 @ 9:23am
: Perhaps Purple is popping a pustule? Perhaps Purple is pretending preposterously pretty pandas are plucking his peonies? Perhaps Purple's a professional prostitute? Perhaps.

Wordsmith: CopyPaper
When?: 12-22-10 @ 8:40am
: Quick! Quincy the quacksalver (look it up!) quabbed quadragintesimal quadrels querying quaggas: Quarrenden quarred?

Wordsmith: CopyPaper
When?: 12-23-10 @ 8:13am
: Ravenwand's red rabbit ran right 'round Rudolph's red-nose. Rightly, Rudolf Nureyev (p)ranced rudely up to Randi Rittenhouse and (w)retched.

Wordsmith: Ravenwand, Rising Star!
When?: 12-23-10 @ 8:22am
: Sherry's silly salmon slapped Steve's spleen, so strongly Steve spit spam sporadically at the Sanguivorous scanderoon.

Wordsmith: CopyPaper
When?: 12-24-10 @ 11:05am
: Tommy Tutone's tuba, thoroughly tuckered out, was thrown through the thicket towards the threshold to Thomas the Tank-Engine's trestle.

Wordsmith: CopyPaper
When?: 02-06-11 @ 10:48pm
: Violet violently vomited vile viscous vineyard vino. Vera vehemently vowed vengeance. Vince vociferously viewed Vixens Vilified V (the sequel).

Wordsmith: CopyPaper
When?: 02-14-11 @ 9:48pm
: Where’s Waldo wunderkinds wonder what we would’ve wanted when whoever wished wantons were wacked without withered widows walks.

Wordsmith: Ravenwand, Rising Star!
When?: 10-31-12 @ 9:11am
: Skipping x, since it's been over a year since this has been observed

Wordsmith: Ravenwand, Rising Star!
When?: 10-31-12 @ 9:12am
: Yelping Yolanda Yammered "Yanni, Yet Your Youthful Yearnings," Yanni Yelled "Yeediot!"

Wordsmith: CopyPaper
When?: 11-01-12 @ 7:45am
: Zelda zinged zebras zealously zeroing Zanzibar zymurgy.

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