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my experiences being homeless
life on the streets
I work harder now as a homeless person than I did when I was working.

We homeless have a circuit we travel and see each other at some of the places we travel . I get up 4:30 am off a cardboard bed near Minute Maid stadium and make my way 5 miles to Palmer Way station to have coffee and breakfast at 9:00 to start the day. The next meal is at Emergency Aid Coalition for a couple sandwiches and donuts at 11: - 1 :00 or Loaves and Fishes or Martha's kitchen, which ever is closer. Then to Lord of the Streets at 3:00 for some sandwiches , check my mail, and use the phone.I can also get out of the weather if need be. Across the street at the Trinity church at 5:30 we get some more sandwiches. In between I get to Texas workforce and look for work. Then there is the Daybreak at 8:30 pm.ST. Vincent De Paul has helped a lot. I travel over 10 miles a day.

Fri-Mon. we get the best food and atmosphere at the Beacon, use the phone,wash cloths ,and shower. Second best is Palmer Station. I have been to Search a couple times which is helpful to many. Operation ID is very important to those , like me for a month, who need ID restored. try to live without ID and you will see.

I found it hard to look for employment and eat also. I went two days not eating until I learned how to eat and look for work.Compass helps with bus fare to job interviews, Tho It is diff to get them there . The Access bus helps but is very limited.

I was on my way to a job in Corpus Christi in a refinery when my van kept breaking down and exceeded my savings. I was just getting over Katrina and getting back on my feet. then there was no more work.

I don't drink, smoke ,or do drugs, yet everybody wanted to put me in a "PROGRAM" anywhere from 30 days to 8 months with me not looking for work. The salvation army and the star of hope should be taken away from whoever is running them and given to the people at the Beacon or Palmer Station.They are mean to people,no one on the street likes them. Go and stand in their line and see. Some of you won’t believe me, As said "he scoffs at a wound who hath no scar". I know they put on a big helping people front,and they do help some people. But "Don't pay any attention to the man behind the curtain."I'm told they get $1,800 per person per month they put in a "PROGRAM" and are set up to keep you from working until they get through with you.Do the words CASH COW ring a bell.I quote what a top person at star said when I complained about wanting to get a job " if we didn't put people in "PROGRAMS" then I wouldn't have a job." How many like me could be helped without being locked up for weeks or months when trying to find a job and get back on our feet.

I am at the top of my craft and have worked at Harvard, MIT, UCLA to name a few Yet here I am...



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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/handler/item_id/1721761-life-on-the-streets