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Item #1747029
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Item #1747029

    The following apps are available for iPhone, iPod and iPad:
                             (...plus Android where shown)

Writing Prompts on iTunes: $1.99
Writing Prompts for Android: $1.99
Writing Prompts for Kindle Fire: $1.99

Writing.Com presents "Writing Prompts", an iPhone app with an endless supply of inspiration! Our prompt generator uses sketches, words, colors, genres and different types of writing to create random bits of creative inspiration. Plus, we've included our database of 600 creative writing prompts so you've got them right at your finger tips, online or off!
Character Prompts on iTunes: $2.99
Character Prompts for Android: $2.99
Character Prompts for Kindle Fire: $2.99

Writing.Com presents "Character Prompts", an exciting twist on traditional writing prompts... Put billions of unique character profiles in the palm of your hand! Character Prompts gives you 19 different profile characteristics filled with randomly generated information. We take the process of character development to the next level by adding thousands of character twists and 150 thought provoking questions for your character.
Art Prompts on iTunes: $0.99

Writing.Com presents "Art Prompts", the iPhone app with an endless supply of creative inspiration for artists! Our art prompt generators use various mediums, time periods, art styles, colors, sketches, genres and words, unleashing an endless supply of fantasy to fuel your muse. Now you can have instant artistic inspiration and ideas right at your finger tips, whether online or off!
Party Prompts on iTunes: $0.99

Writing.Com presents "Party Prompts", the iPhone app with an endless supply of dinner party conversation starters and inspirations! Our party prompt generators use various places, current news headlines, scenes and sketches, giving you an endless supply of ways to break the ice and start a conversation with your dinner party mates. No longer will you have to sit through those uncomfortable silences; simply pull out "Party Prompts" and discuss!
Wedding Colors on iTunes: $1.99

Looking for the perfect color combination for your wedding or event? "Wedding Colors" makes it fun and easy for you with this interactive and inspiring app! Peruse over 250 color combinations organized by theme, design your own personal swatch palettes, create custom color swatches and then bring all your ideas together in an inspiration board!

Dramatic Music App Plus on iTunes: $0.99

Certain situations demand dramatic music. Now you have it! Finally, you can spark up your conversations, stories and banter with the dramatic music that they deserve. The possibilities are endless with this app. Pull it out at just the right moment and you will make everyone laugh... A wonderful ice breaker for those dull or awkward moments!
Dramatic Music App on iTunes: Free

This is the free version of Dramatic Music App Plus. This version includes an advertisement and has 20 less sound clips than the paid version.

Toddler Email on iTunes: $0.99

Toddler Email is a fun, faux nursery rhyme email system created just for toddlers and preschoolers. It's the perfect balance of modern technology and old school rhymes! With 14 character profiles (and more to come!) there's enormous amounts of activity and interaction. Characters include Little Bo Peep, the Muffin Man, Jack B. Nimble, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Star and more!
Toddler Email Lite on iTunes: Free

Toddler Email Lite is free version of Toddle Email with 4 character profiles.
Toddler Toy Factory on iTunes: $0.99

Reading, Spelling, Memory, Hand / Eye Coordination... and getting to play with toys at the same time! Toddler Toy Factory is a fun and educational game where kids learn spelling and reading by building toys and improve their memory skills by pairing up toys in a match game.
Toddler Toy Factory Free on iTunes: Free

The free version of Toddler Toy Factory has a small sampling of toys to build. In addition, the "hard" option for the match and counting games is not included.
Sketchy Memory on iTunes: Free

Sketchy Memory tests your memory with a variety of games, each where you'll need to remember what you see. Things start off nice and simple. As you progress, we'll increase the difficulty by speeding the levels up and adding more to remember. Basic instructions are given for each game as you go. They're simple, so if you don't catch on the first time, just hit 'Retry' and try it again.
Math Racing on iTunes: $0.99
Math Racing for Android: $0.99
Math Racing for Kindle Fire: $0.99

Math Racing is a head to head racing game that pits players against one another in a real time math challenge. Opponents place their device on a flat surface and sit across from one another.
Tap Racing on iTunes: Free
Tap Racing for Android: Free
Tap Racing for Kindle Fire: Free

Tap Racing is fast, simple and fun. Players race cars head to head by tapping on squares. Place the iPhone, iPad or iPod on a flat surface and opponents sit across from one another. The fastest and most accurate tapper wins a trophy!
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