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The last word of the previous entry is the first word of YOUR entry. Apocalypse theme!
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We all know that eventually the Earth will meet its end. Scientists across the globe speculate as to how it will happen, why it will happen, and when it will happen. But as writers, we have the unique ability to be the masters of the universe and choose the Earth's fate ourselves. In this In & Out, your goal is to create a glimpse of a future apocalypse and create an image of the destruction in only a few short sentences. It's up to you to be the constructors of chaos, the directors of destruction, the architects of Armageddon... well, you get the idea, right? *Wink*

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*NoteG* Abide by the 13+ content rating.

*NoteG* NEW RULE: You may post as many times as you like. In fact, multiple entries are very much encouraged! However, after you post, please let at least one other person post before you post again.

*NoteG* Your entry must relate to the Apocalypse theme in some way. I will be lenient here. You may use the theme as loosely and creatively as you like. As long as I can see the link to the theme, your entry will not be deleted.

*NoteG* Here is where things get a little bit complicated. *Smirk* You must use the last word of the previous entry as the first word of your entry. For example, if the last entry posted ended with the word 'water', then your entry must begin with the word 'water'.

I will allow a little bit of leeway here as well. As long as you use a variation of the last word of the last entry, I will accept it. Say the last word was 'dark'. Your first word could be 'dark', 'darkened' or even 'darkness' and it would follow the rules. As long as it is an obvious variation of the same word, it will pass. Creativity here is accepted and appreciated! *Smile*

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I will be handing out GP prizes to my favorite entries. If you manage to write something that I find particularly creative or inspiring, you will be rewarded. I may even dish out a few merit badges for those entries that really impress me!

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2. Costs and inflation run wild in this new world. We'd do well to avoid new money like the palgue and the ever growing rivers of dead zombie mucus.
3. 26. Dead zombie mucus was only the beginning of the nightmare. It wouldn't end until someone came and ripped apart all the machines whose programming kept telling them to kill, Kill, KILL!
4. Husbands, pay heed to my tale. If your wife gets that hollow look in her eyes and stumbles toward you moaning, "BRAINS! BRAIIIIINS!" then it's time to consider sleeping in separate beds.
5. Beds of clover are buried in volcanic ash, whilst all humanity screams for salvation.
6. Salvation comes only for the few who preserved the ways of the Old Religions, meaning Druids, Neopagans, and Wiccans, a surprising development that has the Modernists cursing their theological progress that now leaves them vulnerable to zombie attacks.
7. Attacks by zombies can be thwarted by early Zombie Behavior Modification Programs (ZBMP) Some zombies can be productive members of society, though trusting them implicitly is not recommended.
8. Recoomended daily doses of Acetominaphen turned out to be the wrong suggestion by the Surgeon General. But by the time the rest of us found out, there were only fifteen humans left who weren't zombified. That's when the aliens landed.
9. Landed right on my back porch they did... and did things to my back door I'll never be able to repair.
10. Repairs were being made on Ravenwand's back door when a laser beam flashed from the sky and sliced her house in half.
11. "Half a house is better than none," she quipped, but that was just the kind of addlepated human logic that made the conquest of earth by the aliens one of the easiest planetary takeovers in their history.
12. History...what a word to use right now. As if History was all the explanation one needed for the strange tube-like creatures that came and gobbled up the first set of aliens. Now, those of us remaining, have to feed these things leather shoes!
13. Shoes were only the beginning. Now, down to six of us, we began to be ravaged by feral cats. They began mating with the strange tube-like creatures. Addlepated, we all threw apples at them. But they ate them and threw back the cores.
14. Cores rhyme with whores, and the Core Whores came to gobble up all the cores mid-flight. Then they turned their cannons loose on us, making cider of our clothes.
15. Clothes were the least of our worries. The radioactivity was wilting and withering our vital parts. It was only by sheer luck that the third set of aliens came. Seeing the lack bovines, they began beaming up the humans.
16. Humans floating upwards was a beautiful sight, especially the lady folks in their big dresses, but I couldn't spend much time peeking upwards because I developed a bad case of fear and felt compelled to run away and hide from them no-good beaming aliens.
17. Aliens with attitudes. I shudder to think of how, if ever, I will be released from the clutches of the Neeglers.
18. Heck, the Neeglers were white bread compared to the Schmeeglers. Schmeeglers were voracious, human-consuming arachnids with a taste for redheads.
19. For redheads to be tasty was nearly an oxymoron. Feisty, yes. Luckily, the Schmeeglers only wanted to date the few remaining redheads, so we all dyed our hair for our chance at Schmeegle Royalty. Too bad we didn't see King Schmeegle until it was too late.
20. Late for the redhead feeding frenzy, the starving harpy eagles directed their attention to the Schmeegle royalty.
21. Royalty never had it so good. Then again, the harpy eagles were no longer starving, after having feasting on King Schmeegle himself. For some reason, we're being loaded into another ship, heading who knows where...
22. Where they took us was back to Earth. Seems they'd found another enclave of humans hiding in caves and have brought us back to procreate. That's just so they can use our offspring as slaves.
23. Slaves, that would wash their clothing, clean their spaceship and cave into every demand they felt compelled to demand. But there was one young boy among the children, that would soon prove himself a leader.
24. Leaders are better than followers, but the young boy, who has remained nameless, was a great leader. He even wore the Hosen to go with his Leder-ship. And that would prove fatal for one of the humans still around.
25. Around the neck of an elderly doctor, the suspenders of this boys lederhosen constricted. Pretty soon, the only medicine man of the survivors lay lifeless on the cave floor.
26. Floored by this new development in their future, the survivors actually thought they'd get through the next seventeen years, in relative ease.

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