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A place where we give and receive reviews!
*Bullet* This is where the group's new sig will be placed. Stephanie Grace will be creating them within the next week. come and check out her port!

*Bullet* This is a group for the those who seek to review and be reviewed with lots of encouragement and feedback for any pieces that need to be read! Along the way, this group will have contests, raffles, auctions, and random acts of surprises handed out every two months for participation. To sign up for the group click "Invalid Item

*CoffeeR* Do you have an item that has never been read and has been sitting in the dust pile for what seems like ages?

*CoffeeR* Are you looking for qualified reviews for longer pieces that never seem to get touched?

*CoffeeR* Do you need guidance on drafting out story projects and testing the waters?

*CoffeeR* Are you wanting to receive rewards for the reviews that are done?

*CoffeeR* Are looking for friends here in the community that will support you in any endeavor you take on or challenges you may be facing?

*CoffeeR* Are you looking for recognition for participating throughout the WDC?

*CoffeeR* Are you looking for advice on publishing?

*Bullet* Well, Fellow Writer, it looks as if you have come to the right place. There are many excellent groups here on WDC that may be very similar to this one. However I felt that it was due time for me to create my own group. In time, I will need leaders that will be able to help me out. I may also need suggestions to make this group better.

*Bullet*Everyone will be able to gain something from this group, including myself. I know that I have gained a lot from other groups that I participate in. That's where I have made many friendships and gotten lots of help from my own writing.

*Bullet*I have never been published, but I am very good at researching. Over the years, I have done research on several publishing companies. There will be others who will be able to help out in the area of publishing more than I can.

*Bullet*So, I dare you to come join the fun and learn new things. Together with your help, you guys will make this group an excellent one. it's not just my group. It's YOUR group as well. Here's where you can get reviews
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Mission Statements:

*Bullet* You will get to review and be reviewed.
*Bullet* You will also be partnered with a writing/reviewing buddy who enjoys the same genre as you do.
*Bullet* At the beginning of the month, someone will be placed in the groups forum to be reviewed throughout the month.
*Bullet* Merit badges will be handed out to those every two months, until more GP's come in, for the best quality review or participation. There will be several categories where you could possibly win a merit badge or awardicon.
*Bullet* At times, I may ask for some volunteers to help me run auctions, raffles, etc.
*Bullet* This group is a learning and friendly environment, so I ask that there be respect at all times. Please when posting in the forums, make sure that it is polite and respectful. If anyone has any problems, feel free to email me or one of the leaders. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

*Dollar* If you would like to donate to this group, all donations can be made payable to here "Invalid Item

*Bullet* For every donor who donates more than 50k will receive a merit badge and be placed in the "Invalid Item. I do appreciate any and all donations, you guys are what make this group possible. When you donate to the group be sure to add the item that you would like placed next to your handle*Smile*

*Bullet* Also, those who donate less than 50k will be placed below and will be rotated in the Donor's Hall of Fame each month starting on the first of every month and ending on the 31st.

Donors Less Than 50k:
~WhoMe???~ 8,900GP's!

  Group Members:  5 Members

  Group Gift Point Balance:  103,900 GPs

This group has 5 members.

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