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Hey I’m forgotten/ an orphan/ the truth so ugly/ reality rotten/ I’m here/ but to them I’m gone/ hey I’m forgotten, an orphan reality rotten/ I’m here but to them I’m gone

Depression’s locked in my temple/simple frustration blocks my minds stares/ the glaring page turns to another day I can’t see cause I’m blind/ vision blurry from gas/ chemicals used to cease my wrath/ the next chapter a new book/ they say I don’t deserve nothing cause I’m a penniless crook/ Circle’s look down on me as a square/ transparent I see through they misery crystal clear/ Cut loose with funk in the air/ got plenty/ but wanna take my share/ who cares what they think/stink when I bat lashes/ then call you blink blank/ such and such/ I’m not too much/ half slick/okay you rough tough when you huff puff/ don’t get your house blown down so lonely with bodies all around/ clowns don’t believe in peace/ mercy they don’t trust/ so they smother/ instead of accepting relief/in fear scared/ hang yourself with with a rope made from sheets/ suicide / tease me with your mocking ways/ offend with all you say/ momma’s little bad boy grown/ papa hung his hat but his son ain’t got a home/ more rolling than stone/ mischievous rebellion never bad/ but buried plenty of bones/ unknown to family/ ain’t got a home alone/ yeah they claim they love me/ a small four letter so big it take action to hug me/ Easy to utter/stutter/ knowing you lying/ just when I think of giving up /I get inspiration to keep trying/ crying with letters in front of numbers to do/ if you don’t know me then I don’t know you/ beware of dog read the sign, stay away with the fake/ my fork don’t touch swine/ pig squeal when poked/ I gotta go/ I gotta go/ to all I say so!!!!

Another classic masterpiece picture painted by Marco Miguel

Marco Robertson #62151066
PO BOX 1000

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