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Post the 1st sentence of an imaginary book, one which would compel the reader to read on.
We're always told that the first sentence is the most important, because it has to hook the reader/agent/publisher, intriguing them and making them want to read on.

I thought it would be fun, and possibly quite inspirational, to see what first sentences people could come up with.

Example: Being buried alive is bad enough, but what's worse is realising you're not alone in the coffin when you feel something crawling up your leg.

Post your first sentence of an imaginary novel below.

Posted by:: Wrathnar the Unreasonable
: 09-06-11 @ 7:39am
: Eight hundred and thirty-seven tons of mackerel is a lot of fish, especially when it's coming straight towards you at over two hundred miles per hour.

Posted by:: illustia
: 09-06-11 @ 12:41pm
: How was it that, out of all the possibilities he had mulled over and prepared for, it was this one that had to literally come running at him with an ungodly huge sword poised to cleave his soul from his body?

Posted by:: kevlarion
: 09-06-11 @ 2:54pm
: The moon has always been seen as a source of madness, and although we now call upon astronomy, mathematics and the laws of science to dispel such myths, the soft glow of the lunar surface still holds romantic mystery.

Posted by:: Amy
: 09-06-11 @ 4:01pm
: What is the absolute longest you can hold your breath for before passing out?

Posted by:: SilverMoon-DD
: 09-06-11 @ 4:18pm
: That last words he'd said before the black void engulfed him were: One Too Many.

Posted by:: Wrathnar the Unreasonable
: 09-06-11 @ 5:19pm
: It was when my penis started talking to me that I really began to worry.

Posted by:: Maidy
: 09-08-11 @ 12:02pm
: Opeing her eyes and staring down the barrel of a loaded shotgun in the hands of an Orwellian, bipedal pig was not the way Tara wanted to wake up that morning.

Posted by:: Soldier_Mike
: 09-10-11 @ 9:53am
: Now he understood why they were careful to never mention the pain.

Posted by:: Wrathnar the Unreasonable
: 09-10-11 @ 10:46am
: I wouldn't have minded, but it was my leg - mine!

Posted by:: Missy ~ EnjoyingBeingAMommy
: 09-10-11 @ 10:30pm
: She gazed upon the moon and made one solitary wish.

Posted by:: Keaton Foster: Know My Hell!
: 09-11-11 @ 1:13pm
: I once saw a lion eat a man, the lion promptly threw up!

Posted by:: Jay (away for a while)
: 09-11-11 @ 1:18pm
: It’s been my experience that you never really know how a man feels about you until you threaten to shoot him with a plasma gun through the forehead; my father, for example.

Posted by:: Steev the Friction Wizurd
: 09-12-11 @ 6:04am
: I'm always at my best when I'm naked with a gun in each hand and an expensive cigar clenched between my teeth.

Posted by:: Devil's Delight-Cherry
: 09-13-11 @ 6:40am
: As he sat in the darkened hotel room, heart beating rapidly, he checked the blindfold, making sure that the knot was tied tightly enough so that it wouldn't slip down.

Posted by:: WriterInMyHead
: 09-13-11 @ 6:58pm
: “As a vicious dragon you only have one purpose in life: to train hard, obtain a rider, and protect that rider with all you’ve got because this isn’t some fantasy fairy tale, this is reality and if your rider dies then you have nothing left to live for.”

Posted by:: Zehzeh
: 09-14-11 @ 3:04am
: It was like waking up inside a bottle of curacao, except that his mouth was as dry as a budgie's cage and someone had tied his thumbs together.

Posted by:: embe
: 09-14-11 @ 3:19am
: Here I write of life in a language permeated by fear ...dreadfully suppressed memories of the child beaten by a drunken father, waiting for fate to forgive me. Posted by: embe

Posted by:: Steev the Friction Wizurd
: 09-14-11 @ 5:00am
: Long lay the Shadow of Evil across the Sacred Lands until Gully Hullbudder strode forth with his mighty Sword of Light to begin the Great Cleansing.

Posted by:: Seb Devine
: 09-14-11 @ 5:36am
: When a man is given a choice to live or die, very few manage to stay alive, so after waking up in what seemed to be hell, jason had a choice to make, live or die

Posted by:: Wrathnar the Unreasonable
: 09-14-11 @ 10:11am
: "Oh," she said with a wicked grin, "that wasn't custard on your pudding!"

Posted by:: MKEidson
: 09-14-11 @ 12:20pm
: I knew what blood tasted like, and it wasn't like this.

Posted by:: Sandy~HopeWhisperer
: 09-14-11 @ 8:01pm
: Icy cold fear gripped her not because the man everyone thought she imagined had just shot her with a taser nor because his foot was holding her head down on the ground, but because she could feel the hate dripping from his soul.

Posted by:: Dr. ET
: 09-15-11 @ 12:46am
: ...Where am I?

Posted by:: Kat Von~ Fall is here!!!!
: 09-15-11 @ 12:42pm
: Darkness... Do not fear it, embrace it.

Posted by:: Cassidee
: 09-15-11 @ 9:40pm
: I liked my neighborhood, the only problem with it was that occasionally at night, you could hear people scream....tonight was one of those nights

Posted by:: D.L. Fields
: 09-15-11 @ 9:50pm
: There's nothing worse than a love-sick werewolf.

Posted by:: Isaac Kitsch
: 09-15-11 @ 11:44pm
: Alone in the real world, it's common for young people to summon a companion from the never never of our imaginations, but what if one day, long after you'd left such practices in the past, your imaginary friend summoned you?

Posted by:: GWFrog
: 09-18-11 @ 10:59pm
: Even at its biggest, Shiloh had never been much of a town.

Posted by:: dvdtomkins
: 09-21-11 @ 12:11am
: The policmen asked me to step out the car to which I replyed; " I'm too drunk you get in".

Posted by:: Dave
: 09-22-11 @ 8:27pm
: They think I'm crazy, but I'm not.

Posted by:: Lox~back, but all new!
: 09-23-11 @ 11:35am
: Of course, Jake just had to ignore the sign that said, "Halt! Unspeakable horror waits for those who venture beyond this point."

Posted by:: Wrathnar the Unreasonable
: 09-23-11 @ 4:16pm
: Sir Montague Fotherington-Bongwater was quite discomposed to be told by Crompton, the butler, that the Boy had been caught doing something unspeakable in the stables; it really was too vexing - one simply couldn't get the staff these days.

Posted by:: Steev the Friction Wizurd
: 10-01-11 @ 9:14am
: No one now alive knows exactly what happened except me and I vowed I would never tell the tale while I still walked this earth, but if you are reading this, then you know that now I am dead and you, at last, shall know the truth.

Posted by:: KingArpod
: 10-03-11 @ 7:45pm
: From night to nightmare, "The voice was't in your head."

Posted by:: Wrathnar the Unreasonable
: 10-08-11 @ 8:45pm
: Well, it looked like a lobster - how was I to know?

Posted by:: blue jellybaby
: 10-17-11 @ 3:02am
: I remember the day I died.

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