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Where I will accumulate funds for my upgrades, and matching GP commitments.
In keeping with the accounting side of my mind, I will be depositing the proceeds of the 20 percent cut from the raffle, as well as gps earned from reviewing. 
This will also give individuals; who so desire; a place to donate to the cause.
Funds deposited in this will be for the  Premium Upgrade I need to maintain over 400 items in my portfolio.   
The Wall of Gratitude!!!!!!!!!

Awesome donation gratefully accepted by Yellow Rose 50k!

Grateful for another donation towards upgrade Yellow Rose 25k

Received a donation from a wonderful writer here Maryann 10k

Shocked when I opened email and found 70k from Yellow Rose Wow!

So grateful to find 20k from "Sisco's Good Deed Group recognizing exceptional reviewing in the month of September.

Yellow you are marvelous and Maryann you are appreciated greatly, Sisco your donation put me over the top to secure Premium Upgrade and prime the pump for future upgrades and auction matching GP commitments!
Grateful to receive a donation of 72,500 GPs which will enable me to get two months of Premium upgrade!  Thank you ~ Sisco ~ Back!
The Wall of Gratitude Grows!!

WDCassist Loves WDC contributed 50k.

~ Sisco ~ Back! contributed 13k. Thx Sisco!

anonymous contributed 2k. Thank you anonymous!!  You are helping me reach my goal in 2015
Thaddeus Buxton Winthrop weighs in with a donation of 10k GPs.  Your donation is helping me reach my next goal of Premium Membership in May 2015.

Lyn amazed and dazed me when I asked her to pray about my goal for may; she paid the membership!  Totally grateful and astounded.  Good until 8-31-15.
~ Sisco ~ Back! blew my mind and completed my goal for upgrade with 100k.  That's enough for the 3 months and a little to go toward the next goal.  Thank you Sisco! This will keep me on the site of the century through November of 2015 when I re-up on 8/31/15.
Callie hears Angels these days blessed my socks off with 50k!  Thank you Callie!

Lazy Writer reviewed this bank and along with the 5 stars came 100K gift points.  I stand amazed at the generosity and kindness of the WdC members.  Thank you LW for being a part of this awesome site.

Gratefully accept a gift from the heart of amyjo-Keeping it real and fun! weighing in with a precious  3,289 gps.  The size matters not, it is the heart of the gift that counts and this writer acknowledges your heart amyjo.

Mind blown!  Mind blown! On the 17th of November my email revealed a notice that I've received a Premium Upgrade!  Anew I am humbled and grateful to be a part of a giving place like the WdC.  Jess- 2020 Vision You have my gratitude and I will endeavor to be worthy of this wonderful gift.
Thankful to anonymous for 150k toward upgrade goal.  The generosity of the people on this sight never ceases to amaze me.

Thankful for Chris Breva- Grandpa? for his donation of 10k toward the goal of premium upgrade renewal in 12/2016

  Grateful to Robert Edward Baker for is donation of 90k which tops off the needed funds for the renewal at the end of the month.  Thank the Lord for those who help others every day in the WdC!

Blown away by the generosity.  Jess- 2020 Vision surprised me with 50k which officially seeds the beginning of the next Premium upgrade after this one.

So thankful for pinkbarbie who gave 1k toward my next upgrade.  Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Thankful to anonymous for a contribution of 47k to get me closer to my Upgrade Goal.  Daily the email here surprises me more and more!

Dee surprised this writer with a donation of 100k toward my next upgrade.  Wow!  So thankful and puts me under 120k from my goal too!

Boom baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am fully blown away.  The awesome Dee just donated 120k which puts me over the goal to upgrade at the end of March 2017.  Herein lies the wonder and generosity of the WdC.  Thank you again!

iluvhorses pitched in 19k towards my 6-2017 upgrade goal and that puts me at 270k.  More than half way there.  The generosity of the authors here is always overwhelming.

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