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A place for all New Zealanders who are here on WDC...
Haere mai!

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Welcome to Kiwis On WDC, a group for all New Zealanders here at Writing.com.

I was wandering around on the site, and realised that there are other Kiwis here, but no group. The Aussies had a group...  I thought it was only right that the Kiwis have their own group too, and nek minnit...  *Wink*

If you're living in New Zealand, or a Kiwi abroad, feel free to join.  Send an email to Elle (she/her) (just click on the envelope), including your location, and if you have any items in your portfolio that you think would be of particular interest to other Kiwis, we can share them here.

Hopefully, if we get enough support, we can encourage WDC to create a NZ costumicon - perhaps a silver fern!

Please note that you can use {item:kiwi} to direct to this group, instead of using the item number.  {item:kiwi} gives "Kiwis on WDC!.

For NZ-related images that you can use here on WDC, click here.

This group has its own message forum, just for Kiwis On WDC - check out the "Whare Nui!

Current members:

Elle (she/her) - Auckland
Osirantinous - Otaki
Fi - Marton (near Palmy Nth)
abcoachnz-Sometimes around - Wellington
heyxie - Wellington
weeza - Auckland
Zebedee - Manawatu
SunSpiritBear-Back Again! - Westland
crispybacon - Wellington
Petes Writing - Wellington
Dodgy Steve - Auckland
Jeska Grace - Auckland
Ignis Caelum - Manawatu
Jayden - Auckland
Anistasya - Christchurch
alfcollier - currently in Australia *Frown*
Belingwe - Taupo
NipponFury - Hamilton
SarahW - Christchurch
Philippe - Oxford (North Canterbury)

  Group Members:  22 Members

  Group Gift Point Balance:  1,518 GPs

Elle (she/her) -- Kiwi
Fi -- Kiwi
Osirantinous -- Kiwi
weeza -- Kiwi
Zebedee -- Kiwi
abcoachnz-Sometimes around -- Kiwi
crispybacon -- Kiwi
SunSpiritBear-Back Again! -- Kiwi
Petes Writing -- Kiwi
Dodgy Steve -- Kiwi
JR -- Kiwi
Ignis Caelum -- Kiwi
Jeska Grace -- Kiwi
Jayden -- Kiwi
Anistasya -- Kiwi
alfcollier -- Kiwi
Belingwe -- Kiwi
NipponFury -- Kiwi
SarahW -- Kiwi
heyxie -- Kiwi
Rogue♥Sherri -- Kiwi
Philippe -- Kiwi

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