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Donate for a cause and see what you can get!

Gervic's Piggybank Banner

Thanks for dropping by! This GP Piggybank is especially created to hold all my gift points - raised or donated.

GPs will be spent for:

*Dollar* renewing my paid membership *Dollar*
*RibbonG* giving away awardicons *RibbonG*
*Badge* giving away merit badge *Badge*
*MailB* gifting raffle tickets, gift certificates*MailB*
*Trophyg* supporting contests and groups *Trophyg*
*Coingold* sponsoring WDC members and items*Coingold*

If you wish to feed my Piggy, please send it to this wallet with item ID# 1958791 or "Gervic's PiggyBank.

What you'll get for donating?

- Donation of any amount are welcomed and recognized here.
- Donation that reaches 30K gets you a Merit Badge (which don't have yet)
- Donation that reaches 50K gets you a 25K Portfolio Awardicon ( color of your choice)

My kind donors:

Same Ol' Sum1 - 50K
Sanita - 20K
Gaby - 25K
Fi - 20K
Sanita - 25K
Alexi - 410K A huge gift for a year of Upgrade

Thanks all for your kindness...

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This group has 1 member.

Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/handler/item_id/1958791-Gervics-PiggyBank