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Rated: E · In & Out · Fantasy · #1965689
The Challenge, name the dragon, family relation, family position, and temperament.
** Images For Use By Upgraded+ Only **

Here be my dragon family!  My purpose is to have fun.  I think it would be a blast for you to pick a picture and write a short piece about this member of my family. 
{ e:Paw}  *Paw*  *Paw*  *Paw*  *Paw*  *Paw*

The family are numbered from upper top left corner 1-40. Now pick a number then start a post.
In the post put:
1. The dragon number (1) his or her new name
2. The relation to me that you think fits example = uncle or lost cousin once removed - you get the idea
3. Family standing: The black sheep or the famous actor etc...
4 .Why they are at that number in the family photo album.
5. What their disposition was when the photo was taken.

*Shock*  *Shock*  *Shock*  *Shock*  *Shock*  *Shock*  *Shock*

The only rules are:
1. Keep the posting at 13+ or less kids like dragons too!
2. Don't duplicate posts

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: whisperit
: 02-09-14 @ 4:43pm
: #32 is your neighbours son Faelyx. For some reason he always appears right before family photos. This photo was taken seconds after choking on the leg bone of a duck, which he is partial to since he can't stand the taste of small children.

: Joanna Ogan
: 01-08-14 @ 3:36pm
: #2 is your cousin, Drax. You're parents are always comparing your accomplishments to his. He is a herd leader, and is known for his uncompromising ferocity. He was in the middle of a battle with a brave knight, and paused to take a quick "selfie".

: Elfin Dragon - contest hunting
: 01-07-14 @ 9:17pm
: #12 is Dame Sarah, your mother. She is the caretaker and elder of the family. Though in the 12th position she rules the family and its holdings with a firm "claw" yet caring heart.

: My Mothers Angel in my Ear
: 01-06-14 @ 4:47pm
: #6 is your mother-in-law Medusa. She has a kindly face to all her relatives and appears to love you. When she got divorced, she moved in with you and began drinking. The picture was taken after a long bout of drinking when you DARED to wake her at 4PM.

: 🌑 Darleen's writing a novel
: 12-29-13 @ 10:57pm
: #3 Is your half-brother Steele, from a fling your father had back in the dark ages with a local dragoness right after him & mom split. This pic was taken when the new wife mentioned his mother in a not so pleasant tone. He set fire to half the country.

: Soh ~ Luminousa
: 12-22-13 @ 5:53am
: #10 is your Shayla, your paternal aunt, who is the youngest sibling of your father and hates to be called 'Aunt'. She the hipster dragoness (just few years older than you), but has weird beliefs, which is why she is at #10 (Thinks 10 is super lucky).

: Elle
: 12-21-13 @ 3:15am
: #39 is Uncle George, the practical joker that drives everyone crazy, but they can't help but love him. He's a lot of fun at parties, and some of his pranks are legendary, but when the occasion is serious, sometimes it's best to hide him in a corner.

: 💙 Carly - BLUE!!💙
: 12-20-13 @ 8:27pm
: #9 is your little sister Ella; everyone calls her Ellie Bellie because she is so cute. She is the favourite girl child. She loves to dance and do things that make your parents laugh. She could be an angel if it wasn't for her dragoness appearance.

: 🌓 HuntersMoon
: 12-06-13 @ 5:11pm
: #36 is Leroy; everyone calls him "Deacon." He's the family's black sheep - a 2nd cousin. It started when he came home with a Man tattoo. He began singing on street corners, then wrote the hit songs "Great Balls of Fire" and "C'mon Baby, Light My Fire."

: Rhonda
: 12-05-13 @ 9:25pm
: #1 Is your brother, Marty. He is mom and dad's favourite child, which is why he has the number one position in the family photo album You will notice as always Marty has a smug look on his face in that photo and everyone fails to see it except you!

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