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A place to come talk about anything and everything...
I would like to thank Fi for the awesome blue ribbon that graces "The Talk Place" *Heart*

Bird Basket: The Talk Place

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The Talk Place:

Meeting Room

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Here's a place to come talk about what, You ask? Well...

*Burstv* Had a good day? Come share with us.

*Burstr* Had a bad day? Come tell us about it.

*Burstp* Wanna brag about something? Come brag!

*Bursto* Problems at work? Here's the place to let it out!

*Burstg* Having writings block? Lets's talk about it.

*Burstbr* Something in the news bothering you? Come on in here and tell us what you think.

*Burstbl* Are you stressed? Come tell us about that.

*Burstb* How about School? How's that going? How are the grades? Anything you wanna share?

*Burstv* Politics? What's your take?

*Burstr* Working on a piece? Wanna share or need some help with? Let us know.

*Burstp* How is the weather where you are? Aren't we having strange weather again this year? Come talk about it.

*Bursto* How about the Holidays? How is that going for you? Come talk about it.

*Burstg* Do you have any television shows you like to watch? Come talk about them.

*Burstbr* How about Movies you saw or wanna see? Come talk about that.

*Burstbl* Something else on your mind? Let us know.

*Burstb* Family matters? We can talk.

*Burstv* Are you new and need help? Let us know.

*Burstr* Religion? What's your take? How about Spiritual? What is your take?

So you see, this is a place for anyone and everyone, so let's make this a good place to come talk,share and come together.

Talk Place
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Sunnie Bells says "Happy Halloween *Pumpkin*"

CasualWriter~thanks, Anon! says "Hi! New to this place! So this in and out is not just restricted to Chatterbox members, eh?"

CasualWriter~thanks, Anon! says "That is absolutely wonderful!"

Princess Megan Rose says "Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Let's give peace this time of year and love one another. "

Sunnie Bells says "Good Tuesday Morning! How is everyone's "New Year" going so far? I hope this new beginning is off to really great start!"

Zoey Rae says "Busy day for me tomorrow as I work on more job application stuff! I'll be off to the library to print cover letters, applications, and resumes to fill out and send in. I may complete a few online applications too."

Crissy ~ Iđź’›DiamondArt says "Hi everyone. Easter is approaching and I'm on the outs with the fam. Only one person in the family is supportive of my MI. Instead of being there for me during a breakdown, everyone turned their backs but one. I want to go, but I feel resistant.*Cry* "

Sunnie Bells says "Hey everybody, how y'all doin? Today is September 1, 2018 and we are celebrating WDC's 18th Birthday! Hope everyone has fun this first 7 days of September *Balloong* *Confettig*"

Princess Megan Rose says "I pray everyone gets through Hurricane Florence alright. "

Schnujo Ho Ho Ho! says "Till Feb 28, 2019--I'm giving 70k to anyone who sends a MB to 🌙 HuntersMoon, celticsea, The Choco & The Ivy, Snow Angel, Dragon’s jingling bells, and Jaynelf the Reindeer Caretaker for their 2 straight years of participation in "The Contest Challenge! "

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