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by Andrew
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Recognizing quality work and community service in 2013, to be held 2 March 2014 at 1pm
Testing out Photoshop CC, figured I'd try to get some of my "homework" done early... *Pthb*

The Quill Awards  [ASR]
Recognizing the best of WDC in 2020
by Elle

For a full list of nominations, go here: "2013 Quills Nominations and Winners
For the nominee group, go here: "2013 Quills Nominees

Hello and welcome to the 7th annual Quill Awards ceremony! The ceremony proper will take place on Sunday 2 March 2014 at 1pm WDC time. The ceremony should run for approximately 4 hours, until 5pm. Thanks to all who nominated and congratulations to all those who were nominated!

Awards Ceremony Manners:
*Quill* I will give an introduction at the beginning and me and the presenters will give a little spiel on each award, followed by some kind of drumroll and the announcement of the winner.
*Quill* After each winner is announced, there will be a minute or so of time for the winner to post an acceptance speech if he/she is so inclined and/or present.
*Quill* In order to allow the ceremony to proceed on time, only the host, presenters, special guests, judges, and winners will be allowed to post. Any extraneous comments will be promptly deleted.
*Quill* However, the chatter is certainly a key element of the annual ceremony, so there will be a separate chat room dedicated to exactly that, to allow for conviviality and congratulations. *Smile*
         Instructions for joining chat
*Quill* You are, however, free to talk in this item both prior to and following the ceremony!
*Quill* Keep any comments within the 13+ rating please.
*Quill* Above all, have fun!

Special thanks to all our super-star team of panelists!

These awards have been brought to you by the following sponsors:
Non-Static Awards
         Best Raffle or Auction, by Escape Artist
         Best Group, by blainecindy
         Best Blog, by "Blogging Bliss Newsletter and "Blogging Circle of Friends

Static Awards
         Best Medium-Length Poem (Structured), by warriormom and "Invalid Item
         Best Medium-Length Poem (Free Verse), by "Shadows and Light Poetry Contest
         Best Short Non-Fiction, by "Roots & Wings Group
         Best Short Story (1), by jefferymaine
         Best Short Story (2), by jefferymaine
         Best Novel or Novella, by Sparky

Overall Awards
         Best Fantasy/Science Fiction, by "The Coffee Shop for the Fantasy Society
         Best Newsletter Editing, by Escape Artist
         Best Reviewing, by PatrickB and "The Art of Criticism Project

*In the interest of fairness, sponsors are asked to read and accept the following pledge: "All panelists pledge to uphold the strictest standards of ethics and fairness in all aspects of running this event, including but not limited to reporting any instances of bribery, cheating, or gaming the system; maintaining objectivity in all dealings for the Quills; and ensuring a spirit of community and fair competition in the Quills community. Award sponsors are also subject to this pledge. Sponsors and top-tier staff of sponsoring groups are ineligible for the prizes they are sponsoring."

HINT: Press the F5 key to refresh. *Wink*

There were two honourable mentions in this category: Mandy and ~A.J. Lyle~ (PatrickB )

And the Quill for Best Reviewing goes to ... (PatrickB )

Amalie Cantor - We Got This! (PatrickB )

Congratulations, Amalie! You earned this! *Star* (PatrickB )

Congratulations Amalie! (Andrew )

Okay, I think I might die *Blush*. Must thank Hannah ♫♥♫ and PatrickB for all their mentorship. You guys rock! (Amalie Cantor - We Got This! )

Moving on, the finalists for Best Newsletter Editing are: (Andrew )

"What's the Holdup? by Jay "Classroom Myths Debunked by Northernwrites "Using Poetic Devices by Vivian "Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor "Secrets of Psychological Horror by LJPC - the tortoise and "The Art of Criticism Project Newsletter, Issue #4 by PatrickB , Mandy , and ~A.J. Lyle~ (Andrew )

An honorable mention goes to "Invalid Item (Andrew )

And the winner is.... (Andrew )

"The Art of Criticism Project Newsletter, Issue #4 by PatrickB , Mandy , and ~A.J. Lyle~ (Andrew )

Congratulations! (Andrew )

It takes an incredible amount of work to fill a well-organized and comprehensive portfolio on this site, and the feat is made more impressive by the following nominees, who have had only a short time do it. (Andrew )

On behalf of the entire staff, I want to thank everyone who voted. *Smile* (PatrickB )

The nominees for Best New Portfolio are: Marci Missing Everyone Rhonda Carly Sanita PandaPaws;VETTECH Class of '20 Samberine:Thank-u Anonymous and Solivagus (Andrew )

An honorable mention goes to Marci Missing Everyone ! (Andrew )

And the Quill goes to.... (Andrew )

http://instantrimshot.com/?sound=drumroll (Andrew )

Rhonda (Andrew )

Congratulations! (Andrew )

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYvpBsLhVlI (Andrew )

Our penultimate award and final Special Contributions to WDC Award is presented to a member whose generosity and kindness know no bounds. She has been instrumental in welcoming hundreds of members to WDC. (Andrew )

She is well-loved on this site, and for good reason. We are proud to present the Special Contributions to WDC Award to Hannah ♫♥♫ for developing new members and promoting writing through PDG and Shadows Express. (Andrew )

I am stunned, and so blessed by so many on WDC! Thank you so much! (Hannah ♫♥♫ )

Hannah will receive a 100K GP cash prize plus a Quill MB. PDG will receive an additional 150K GPs for program development. (Andrew )

Before we present the last award, I'd like to take a moment to thank a few people. (Andrew )

First, to Jay for designing tons of images for use in the Quills, including signatures, headers, and the beautiful banner gracing the top of this page. (Andrew )

Wow, I can't believe it! Thank-you all so very much. I am so proud and honoured to win this award! (Rhonda )

A huge thanks to our sponsors, listed above, and donors, listed at "The Quill Awards, for making the Quills financially possible. (Andrew )

To the moderators and staff of WDC for making this site the incredible place it is. (Andrew )

A huge thanks to the panel of expert judges and logisticians without whom this event would be impossible. Please head over to "Invalid Item to check them all out and thank them! *Smile* (Andrew )

(That would be "The Quill Awards Panel and Bank) (Andrew )

And of course, to all of you, the members of the site! Without your hard work, the Quills could not happen, and I am humbled every time I run this event and see the incredible talent that permeates WDC. (Andrew )

Thank you to everyone, whether or not you were nominated or awarded; you're all winners and I'm absolutely honored to be in your company! *Smile* (Andrew )

And now, the finalists for the 2013 Quill Award for Best Portfolio are: (Andrew )

Jeff (Andrew )

Brooke-Thanks Anonymous! :) (Andrew )

kiyasama (Andrew )

Hannah ♫♥♫ (Andrew )

Fi (Andrew )

Ghostranch (Andrew )

PatrickB (Andrew )

blainecindy (Andrew )

And finally, Mandy (Andrew )

The Honorable Mention goes to.... (Andrew )

PatrickB ! (Andrew )

And the 2013 Quill Award for Best Portfolio goes to... (Andrew )

*opens envelope* (Andrew )

Jeff (Andrew )

Congratulations Jeff, and congratulations to all the winners! (Andrew )

Thank you to everyone who came! The full list of nominees can be found here: "2013 Quills Nominations and Winners and will be updated with winners in the next hour or so. Awards will be distributed by two weeks from today. (Andrew )

Ladies and gentlemen, the 7th Annual Quill Awards! (Andrew )

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2yjV58NBxk (Andrew )

(This item is now open for general posting. Feel free to write in your comments and/or congratulations!) (Andrew )

Great job Andrew I don't know how you did it for 4 HOURS. Just my one category of presenting awards was NERVE RACKING. Well done! (Angels in my Ear )


Congratulations to everyone who was nominated, shortlisted, mentioned honourably, and won! (Matt Bird MSci (Hons) AMRSC )

Mega super duper thanks to Andrew for creating the QUILL AWARDS!!!! (A*30s*Faith )

Congratulations to all the winners! (Elle )

Congratulations to all the Quill winners! *Smile* (ruwth )

Congrats to all the winners! And Jeff - you got your best portfolio...yayyyyy (Fyn )

Thank you to Andrew and everyone involved. If you were nominated and want to see your name along with all the other nominees, then watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_7cZ19W_dQ (Matt Bird MSci (Hons) AMRSC )

Many thanks to Andrew and to everyone who helped make this year's ceremony so awesome, and many congratulations to all the winners! You all rock! (Amalie Cantor - We Got This! )

Second to Matt's link! It's a super cool video, be sure to check it out! (Andrew )

Here's to the best community ever. So glad to be part of the awesomeness of this site. We all Rock!! Way to go, everyone. (Carly )

Congratulations, everyone! *Smile* "P.E.N.C.I.L. is grateful for the win and offers congratulations to all the other winners. Well done! *Thumbsup* (Fi )

Now I think we should all offer Andrew a big round of applause for all of his hard work organizing the Quills! (Fi )

*bows* (Andrew )

clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap (Matt Bird MSci (Hons) AMRSC )

*applause* (Elle )

***wolf whistle***(that I can only achieve online) (Angels in my Ear )

Congratulation to all nominated and the winners in each category. Thanks to Andrew for an amazing activity and ceremony. *Smile* (Diane )

Aww, thanks Diane ! (Andrew )

So sorry I wasn't at the ceremony. Thank you very much for my Quill -- this has made my day! A big congratulations to all the nominees and winners. Well done Andrew and the judges for doing such a fantastic job, as always. (Ghostranch )

Congratulations to ALL the WINNERS! ♡ (ruwth )

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