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For Fantasy and Science Fiction authors. Open to all applications. come in and learn
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Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities. - Dr. Seuss

What is the Fantasy and Science Fiction Society?

The FSFS is a group dedicated to writing in the fantasy and science fiction genres. All sub-genres are welcome here from epic to contemporary, space opera to military and everything in between. A supportive environment with friends is vital for building confidence as an author.

Science fiction deals with improbable possibilities, fantasy with plausible impossibilities. - Miriam Allen de Ford

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What does the FSFS provide its members?

The FSFS prides itself in the vast wealth of resources we provide. We have several forums dedicated to different aspects of writing from mechanics to publishing to general writing. Of course we also have the Hub where you can chat to other like-minded people about all things fantasy and sci-fi. There is a contest devoted to the fantasy and science fiction genres as well as a review request page. Our monthly newsletter is a must read featuring articles written by members of the society about many different topics. A full list of pages available to the group is listed near the bottom of this page.

Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! - Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, J.K. Rowling

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Who can join the FSFS and how?

Anyone who writes in fantasy and/or science fiction can join. Please only apply if you write in or intend to write fantasy and/or science fiction. All levels of writing ability are welcome. Whether you've never written in the genre before and want to give it a go, or you're a published author then you are most welcome.To join the group please complete the application form listed below. The questions asked won't restrict you from joining the group, but are simply to help me know what kinds of services to offer.

FSFS Application Form  (E)
Join the Fantasy and Science Fiction Society
#2016890 by David the Dark one!

Enjoy our new reviewing forum.. it is new so have some patience.

 Fantasy and scifi society review forum  (E)
forum for reviewing stories
#2226113 by David the Dark one!

Ok folks you wanted it you got it... a poetry contest to go with the thrice prompted.
Universal poetry writing contest  (E)
ok team... here we have the first FSFS group.
#2249646 by David the Dark one!

There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island. - Walt Disney

Current Review Requests

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Fantasy and Science Fiction Society  (E)
For Fantasy and Science Fiction authors. Open to all applications. come in and learn
#2014050 by David the Dark one!

This is the group homepage.



Thrice Prompted  (E)
This is now reopened. this is for everybody who joins, or wishes to join our group.
#2016845 by David the Dark one!

This the FSFS bi-monthly contest, open to all of writing.com.

Review Board  (E)
The Review Board for the FSFS
#2019583 by David the Dark one!

Request a review in exchange for reviewing a request!

Don't Panic - Douglas Adams, The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy

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David the Dark one! -- Leader
Matt Bird MSci (Hons) AMRSC -- super leader
A E Willcox -- super leader
brom21 -- super leader
LinnAnn Nanowrimo 12 -- super leader
PandaPaws Licensed VetTech -- Super Member
Zen -- Super Member
Derrol Edwards- Fantasy Writer -- Super Member
Thundersbeard 30DBC JULY HOST -- Super Member
Doc -- Super Member
WakeUpAndLive️~ -- Super Member
KMH -- Super Member
Uncommonspirit -- Super Member
1UppyEar -- Super Member
Eliot Wild -- Esteemed Member
Sir Various -- Esteemed Member
Highmage - D.H. Aire -- Esteemed Member
Soulhaven -- Esteemed Member
Hanna -- Esteemed Member
Vixey Todd -- Esteemed Member
Mage -- Esteemed Member
TJ Marie -- Esteemed Member
Jordi -- Esteemed Member
Katzendragonz -- Esteemed Member
Elfin Dragon-finally published -- Esteemed Member
Jimbo -- Esteemed Member
JMRobison -- Esteemed Member
abcoachnz-Sometimes around -- Esteemed Member
L. Stephen O'Neill -- Esteemed Member
Khariyya Jia Li ~ Studying 247 -- Esteemed Member
Joto-Kai -- Esteemed Member
BIG BAD WOLF is Thankful -- Esteemed Member
Asha Moonfall - Plotting Book! -- Esteemed Member
E Duckworth -- Esteemed Member
Bard -- Esteemed Member
EllisRosser -- Esteemed Member
Thankful Prosperous Snow -- Esteemed Member
Kate - Writing & Reading -- Esteemed Member
Tobber -- Esteemed Member
Andrew -- Esteemed Member
Ɉ£®əϻӲ - Medical Hiatus -- Esteemed Member
2 Winged Dragon -- Esteemed Member
LostGhost: Seeking & Learning -- Esteemed Member
Thornton -- Esteemed Member
Jeff -- Esteemed Member
Duchess Laughing Lemurs -- Esteemed Member
Chris Breva -- Esteemed Member
Cupadraig~The Remote Country -- Esteemed Member
ENB -- Esteemed Member
Lord Norry Wolfsbane -- Esteemed Member

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